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The History of The Cybermen


Sooner or later every Doctor Who fan must come with a complicated history of the Daleks and Cybermen.

The time is now!

TV Doctor Who
Big Finish
DWM Comic strips
Trenchcoat! Just to really screw with things...

The Steel Nursery (Trenchcoat Ninth Aspect, Jon Thaw Doctor)
The twin planets are Nedia and Mondas. On Nedia, a reptilian life form worshiping Sil'Ru'Then dominate the planet and uses the neighboring planet Mondas as a prison planet - even though a native ape form of life is already living there. At first the prisoners are hardened criminals, but soon are unjustly exiled. The Mondasians form an alliance with Mars in order to return to Nedia by force. However, a disaster strikes Mars and Mondas (my money's on the Fendahl). The Ice Warriors cannot help. The Mondasian invasion is a failure and they lose all sympathy with the Nedians.

As Mondas starts to die off, the "Silurians" decide to create Cybernetic Mobile Assault Nodes - silver soldiers using machinery, Silurian flesh and mammal tech. However, the test subject, the CYBERMAN, goes a little bit loopy and tries to conquer Mondas - just as it undergoes its second attempt to conquer Nedia. Unfortunately, some passing Time Lord has mucked about with events, and the "invasion force" transports the Neanderthal natives of Mondas to Nedia. Or Earth as they will call it.

The invasion is repelled, and the remaining Mondasians vow to survive at whatever cost. TheDoctor has destroyed the Cyberman, but the technology to create more now exists. Worse, the Mondasians are bound to go for conversion as a solution sooner or later.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: high voltage cable to the chest.

The Cybermen (DWM)
Hoo boy.

They DO go for conversion, upgrading the remaining apes into Cybermen. These Cybermen conquer the largest city on Mondas and head off to "civilize" the rest of Mondas. They discover the ancient Cyber conversion factories in the Blisterlands, but no sooner have they converted the locals and built a city they are attacked by a "Silurian" genetic experiment. They eventually defeat it, but there is another experiment out there called Golgoth - a giant purple dragon, created from a malfunctioning race bank, incredibly powerful and two tortillas short of a picnic.

Golgoth contaminates a Cyber exploration craft with shape-shifters, but the Cybermen defeat them and head to the Dark Continent where Golgoth lives. However, the Mondasian Sea Devils created a sentient sea to keep Golgoth trapped. The Cybermen beat up the Sea Devils, break the barrier and attack Golgoth. Who wipes them out without breaking sweat. Golgoth then attempts to take on the entire Cyber army... and there is Mutually Assured Destruction which takes out the Cyber race. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

Two hundred years later, humanity now rules Mondas, unfortunately it is about to leave orbit. Doomsday cults spring up across the world, and the Cult of Civa - some Cyber groupies that live in the wreck of the Cyber city, believe Golgoth's mythical son (created out of dead Cybermen) will save them!

He doesn't.

As Mondas hurtles out into space, all human life on the surface is wiped out. Bar one smooth-chested archaeologist who fell into the conversion equipment. The Cybermen start again.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: being eaten by Triceratops, being ripped apart by shape shifters, liquefied by the cruel sea, lightning bolts, turned into flowers by Golgoth's power.

Spare Parts (BF, Fifth Doctor)

Mondas has drifted to the edge of the galaxy and is about to plunge into the Cherrybowl nebula. The last surviving underground city has evolved into 1950s London, but to keep the humans alive they are reverse engineering Cybernetic implants. Full Cybermen are being sent to build a propulsion unit on the surface, and need emotions removed to stop them going crazy at the sight of the sky. The city is ruled by the Committee, a gestalt mind of dead human brains kept alive by cybernetics.

When the Doctor and Nyssa arrive, they are torn between trying to change the future or letting innocents die. The nebula breaches the city and causes a lethal snow storm. To survive, the Mondasians must become total Cybermen! The Doctor manages to get the propulsion system working again, and destroys the Committee (which has conveniently evolved into a Cyber Planner). The humans and the Cybermen agree to live in peace, taking a genetic rather than mechanical look at the future. However, Cyberleader Zheng does not believe in this, and restores history to its proper path the moment the TARDIS leaves.

Mondas becomes a Cyber planet once and for all.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: (not gold, that's for sure) their own weapons, incorrect conversion programming, booze (yes, honestly), electrocution.

The Cybermen discover space travel and colonize the passing planet Polaris IV.

The Good Soldier (DWM, Seventh Doctor)
1950s. The Cybermen send out an exploration craft full of their most updated and advanced versions to buzz Earth and see what life is like on the long lost twin. When an American army unit set up camp in the Nevada desert, the craft abducts that bit of desert. Unfortunately, the Doctor and Ace are there as well. The Cybermen slaughter the unit, keeping their general to fuse his brain with the computer to give them a human element to their plan to conquer Earth. Unfortunately, the Doctor and Ace are there as well. Ace links to the computer and tricks the exploration craft to explode, taking out the warship and all the information on humanity. They also restore the desert too.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: a big cannon.

The Invasion (TV, Second Doctor)
The Cybermen send out their latest front line troopers to conquer Earth. They encounter some communications from Tobias Vaughan and agree to help him conquer the Earth using some microchips, hypnosis, and the ATM of the Cybermen to support his company, International Electromatix. After five years... call it 1970... Vaughan discovers the Doctor and Jamie and decides to bring forwards the invasion plan. He's also an Anti-Cybermen machinery built, plus he has eyes on the TARDIS as a way out.

The invasion goes ahead, but UNIT survive the hypnosis and blow up the approaching fleet. The Cybermen prepare a megatron bomb, but that blows up as well. The Cybermen on Earth are blasted to bits, though some survive in the sewers. But by 1975, they're blown to pieces and a severed head is brought to the attention of Henry Van Statten, who puts it in his museum.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: electrical emotions, bazookas.

The Reaping (BF, Sixth Doctor)
Following the Time War, the last Cyberman in existance, having gone ever so slightly loopy, steals a broken TARDIS and travels back to Peri's home town and fakes a conspiracy using earpods, nanobots and good old fashioned brutality in order to trap the Doctor and use him to rewrite history so the Neanderthals are converted into Cybermen. The Doctor uses his usual blend of sarcasm and drammatic irony, and the last Cyberman in existance is abandoned on Mondas in 1984, where Cyberleader Zheng has the dying Cyberman recycled before it can warn them what is happening. However, some of its technology is left behind on Earth.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: they shut down if their boss doesn't give them new instructions.

The Tenth Planet (TV, First Doctor)
The planet Mondas finally returns to Earth and begins to leech its energy away. 250 spaceships flee the planet and storm Earth, nearly managing to conquer it. However, Mondas absorbs far too much energy and despite the efforts of the Cybermen to use the handy Z bombs, it is destroyed. The Cybermen on Earth wither and die and Earth survives the attack, managing to salvage a little of Cyber technology before it melts as well. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The Cyber fleet heads for Planet 14 - the fourteenth planet of the solar system, called Telos - and make a base there. Assuming one doesn't already exist there. Either way, the native Cryons are almost slaughtered and have to flee on comets and other frozen debris. The Cybermen mass-upgrade, losing their human qualities like names, hands, singsong voices and sellotape. Other Cyber refugees flee to Earth itself.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: their own weapons, bright lights, radiation, posion gas, losing energy from Mondas.

Silver Nemesis (TV, Seventh Doctor)
The Cybermen have been keeping an eye on Earth in recent centuries and have discovered one wierd fight between the Doctor and Lady Peinforte over a Gallifreyan WMD called the statue of Nemesis. The Cyber squad arrive on Earth in 1988 and set up a trap to capture the statue. The Seventh Doctor, however, despite having totally forgotten about all of this, simply uses the WMD to wipe out the remaining Cyber fleet in space while Ace slaughters the Cybermen with a slingshot and some gold. After all the trouble the Cybermen went to to upgrade themselves to handle Validium, getting all silver and shiny, it's a disgrace. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: gold in the chest unit, retro rockets.

The Locust Method (Trenchcoat, Edward Peel Smith Doctor)
By 1997, the Cyber refugees on Earth have come up with a new plan. Infiltrating a polar research base they construct a gigantic hive to create a completely new race of Cybermen with a collective intelligence and the ability to adapt and grow. The Cybermen activate the new race and die out. The new Converts (or Borg as any self-respecting sci fi fan will know) tackle UNIT, the Doctor and Fayette, but still require hibernation time to recover from conversion. The Doctor thus blows up their entire base, and the new Cybermen are gone forever. We hope. But any return will require us to link DW and ST universes together, and that's just stupid.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: hard to say, as they die on their own. So much for surviving.

Dead Ringers/Death by D'Syne/Black Files/Land of the Free (Trenchcoat Ninth Aspect, Jon Thaw Doctor)
The Master offers the Cybermen on Telos a free ride to Earth, planning to use them as canon fodder to allow him to alter the history of Earth and ultimately change human development. These Cybermen (Invasion style) arrive on Earth and set up a funeral home. There, they use brain implants on both living and dead to infiltrate society - New Cybermen. However, the Doctor is on hand with UNIT to blow the bastards up. The New Cybermen survivors are soon falling foul of the Master's conspiracy as he deals with loose ends - including a wierdo clothes designer that created Cyber costumes from Nestene material. That was a wierd case. With the history of America changed irrevocably, and, maybe, changed back, this might not be relevent...

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: electrical interference shorts out their brains. And bazookas.

Human Resources (BF/BBC, Eighth Doctor)
Some Cybermen are minding their own business establishing a colony world when an unscrupulous alien sends some hypnotized office workers to wage war on them. Depressingly, the office workers kick the Cybermens' collective asses, which are then served to them when the Doctor turns up and sorts out the whole mess AND some corporate sabotage by the Time Lords.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: electrical interference shorts out their brains.

The Flood (DWM, Eighth Doctor)
In the far, far, far future, the Cybermen realize humanity has evolved to the point they cannot be converted. Creating their own TARDIS using a fragment of the time vortex, the Cybermen return to Earth in 2004 and then develops an emotion-amplifying water that drives humans insane. The plan is they will cause a flood on Earth that will leave the emotionally-exhausted humans desperate to accept conversion. The Cyber fleet begins is biggest invasion yet, and the Eighth Doctor offers a deal: in return for sparing humanity, he will sacrifice himself and allow them to study his regeneration. Thus, they can get a method to 'regenerate' aliens into Mondasians and then convert them. The Cybermen do not intend to spare Earth. The Doctor jumps into the fragment of the time vortex, and triggers a temporal meltdown - wiping out the Cybermen, their TARDIS, and the staff of MI5, who were being converted at the time. The explosion gives Earth a new sun for a few days. And the Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: Destrii, temporal meltdown (which is fair enough).

The Gathering (BF, Fifth Doctor)
In 2007, Peri's old collegue pals are experimenting with Cyber technology in Brisbane of all places. The Fifth Doctor drops by, is thoroughly confused, and watches in horror as a nice lady has her brain removes and becomes System (or Sis for short), a kind of medical version of the internet. A version that will be used by mankind in the future. He also bumps into Tegan.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: N/A.

Rise of the Cybermen (TV, Tenth Doctor)
In a parallel dimension, John Lumic creates a very different species of Cybemen - robots with human brains. Unfortunately, the Age of Steel ends in one night when some stupid ape cracks his passwords. The Cyber race in this dimension are defeated in three years, and decide to infiltrate a Torchwood base and escape into another dimension - three years into the past.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: the time vortex, sonic screwdrivers, EMP waves, having their emotional inhibitors shut down.

Army of Ghosts (TV, Tenth Doctor)
In 2007, the 'ghosts' of the Cybermen spend their time positioning their five billion strong army on Earth so when they fully materialize they can conquer the planet. Unfortunately, the reason they escaped into this dimension was because of the Cult of Skaro in their voidship. The Cult of Skaro decide the Cybermen are pathetic and begin to slaughter the lot of them. The Doctor opens the breach in dimensions and everything that passed through the breach is sucked in - the Dalek army and the five billion Cybermen are sucked into hell forever. However, some of their conversion material was built in this dimension and thus stays there, along with a couple of unlucky half-converted humans. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: bazookas, anti-Cyber guns, Daleks, void stuff.

At the end of that year, Ianto Jones' girlfriend Lisa (one of those unlucky humans) gets some help to cope as a Cyberwoman. However, the Cyber personality becomes dominant and she tries to restart the Cyber race in the Torchwood hub. She is then brutally beaten up by a pterodactyl. Then transfers her brain into the body of a passing pizza girl. Who Torchwood then pump full of lead.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: pterodactyls.

The Harvest (BF, Seventh Doctor)
2012, and a scout ship of Cybermen crash on Earth. The Cybermen have a cunning plan: they pretend they wish to be reversed into flesh and bone, and in return will allow the EuroCombine the secrets of Cyber conversion so they can create the ultimate astronauts (no need for air, gravity or good). This C-Program occurs in a hospital run by Sis. Unfortunately, the Doctor and Ace are there as well - this time with Hex Scofield. The Cybermen have turned the hospital into a conversion factory and the experimental Cyber astronauts turn against their human masters. The Doctor manages to defeat the experiments and the "humanized" Cybermen drop dead of organ failure and tissue rejection. Karma's a bitch.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: decapitation, electrical interference shorts out their brains.

The Wheel in Space (TV, Second Doctor)
Not long after, the Cybermen engage in their wackiest plan ever... they destroy whole star systems so some puny space station will allow two of their soldiers to enter. The Doctor defeats them by locking the door and blowing up the Cyber army with a great big canon.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: force fields, liquid cement.

This leads to the first Cyber war, where the rest of that Cyber army are blown to smithereens. Humanity unwisely believes they are definitely gone for good this time and get on with their lives. The Cybermen regroup on Telos and decide to wait until they are forgotten.

The Moonbase (TV, Second Doctor)
2070. The Cybermen break into the base on the moon and use the Gravitron to wipe out life on Earth. Unfortunately, the Cybermen are so busy boasting how clever they are compared to stupid Earth brains they accidentally sacrifice their advantage and the Doctor uses the Gravitron to flip the invasion force into the depths of space. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: gravity (bizarrely, this seems to be the same as very loud noise as far as they are concerned), radiation, nail varnish remover (yes, honestly).

Junkyard Demon (DWM, Fourth Doctor)
Flotsam and Jetsom, two scrap merchants, tour a solar system where a Cyber ship crashed in the wars. They regularly reprogram dead Cybermen into butlers. One Cyberman activates after the Doctor whacks it with a spanner, and it steals the TARDIS to revive Cybernaught Zogron. It fails.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: paint, which acts jus like liquid cement.

Meanwhile, the rag-tag and emotional survivors of the Cyber war are hanging around, causing trouble.

Deathworld (DWM)
A Cyber task force lands on Yemaya 4 to use its mineral wealth. However, the Ice Warriors try to jump their claim. There is a massive fight which ends with the Ice Warriors being buried in ice... probably a better fate than the Cybermen, who explode when water touches them.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: sonic blasts, water (of all things).

Throwback/Ship of Fools/Unnatural Born Killers/Company of Thieves - Kroton's saga
An invasion fleet out from Telos tries to conquer Mondaran. Kroton, a junior Cyberleader whose old personality is resurfacing, decides the last of the human rebels deserve a chance to escape. He does so, but runs out of energy and is left abandoned in space for an unknown amount of time, then in a time warp. Adapting his armor, Kroton spends many years travelling the universe, trying to live in harmony on primitive planets. After defeating a Sontaran invasion, Kroton meets up with the Eighth Doctor and Izzy, then becomes God after beating the shit out of a looney samurai.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: an axe, their own weapons, power failure - but Kroton is immune to high voltage cable to the chest. Hurray.

Into the Fire (Trenchcoat, Edward Peel Smith Doctor)
An exploration team of Cybermen return to the colony of Polaris IV. There, original Mondasian Cybermen created a great gemstone that caused psychotic aggression in human brains. The Cybermen would use it to plunge a planet into chaos and then 'liberate it', giving the "Polarians" reputations of being peacemakers. However, the weapon has developed a personality and wiped out its masters. This time it revives the Cybermen's emotions, causing them to explode with emotional energy. The Doctor tricks the gemstone into choking on its food.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: emotion. Not a bad day for them, really.

Black Legacy (DWM)
The most emotional Cybermen ever lead by Commander Maxil conquer the planet Goth - home to the legendary Deathsmiths who created the most amazing weapons every before suddenly vanishing. Unfortunately they vanished at the hands of the Ultimate Weapon, a skull-faced zombie with incredible psychic powers and carrying every disease in the universe. The Ultimate Weapon drives the Cybermen insane with dreams then kills them with rust. He spares Maxil so as Maxil can pilot the space ship and get the Ultimate Weapon out into the universe. Maxil commits suicide instead. But the Ultimate Weapon can wait, and sooner another opportunity presents itself in the shape of a Sontaran war fleet...

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: rust virus, their own weapons, nightmares, paranoia.

The Tomb of the Cybermen (TV, Second Doctor)
After 500 years, the Cybermen are declared dead and amateur archaeologists investigate Telos to see if there's anything worth writing papers about. However, the Cybermen are merely hybernating but their cunning plan has so many fatal flaws I will not bore you. The Cybermen are beaten up and locked in their tombs, FOREVER! "Forever" meaning it might last up to six hours.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: power loss, their own weapons, having the crap beaten out of them, electrocution.

Revenge of the Cybermen (TV, Fourth Doctor)
One of the very last groups of Cybermen decide to engage a second campaign against Voga to wipe out the reserves of gold. They use some Cybermats, poison and human traitor to turn the Nerva space beacon into a massive bomb they intend to smash against Voga. Unfortunately, not only do the Vogans have huge missiles of their own, the Fourth Doctor is on hand to blow the bastards up. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: gold (if it touches them, is injected into their necks but NOT shot at their chest units at high speed), explosions, being incredibly smug and stupid.

Earthshock (TV, Fifth Doctor)
2526, and humanity decides to have an interstellar conference to form an alliance against the return of the Cybermen, who have woken on Telos, revamped their design to 80s style. Loading 15000 Cybermen in hybernation onto a freighter as "mineral ores", the Cybermen send ahead two androids and an earthshock bomb to blow Earth apart. The Doctor has the androids blown up and defuses the bomb. So the Cybermen take over the freighter and turn it into a massive bomb they intend to smash into Earth. However, Adric sabotages the flight computer and when the space freighter hits that dodgy patch of reality near Jupiter (see The Android Invasion... on second thoughts, don't), it flips back 65 million years and wipes out the dinosaurs instead. The Cybermen, having lost 15000 troops and the element of surprise, abandon their attack. The alliance is formed and the Second Cyber War begins.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: concentrated fire of weapons, and gold is still bad for them but not immediately lethal.

Attack of the Cybermen (TV, Sixth Doctor)
The Cybermen are slaughtered by the Alliance and the Cryons return from the dead to wipe out those Cybermen still in hibernation. All seems lost until an experimental time machine crash lands on Telos. The Cybermen steal and head back to 1985 with a plan to change their own history using Halley's Comet and some vestial, destroying Earth so Mondas will survive. However, the Cryons blow up Cyber Control and stops the plan dead, rather. The Cybermen are gone FOREVER!

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: the air of Telos, Cryon poison, the distress signals of their own kind, a sonic lance in their gut, having their cooling tubes sliced, bullets, decapitation, vestial, their own weapons, intense cold.

The Five Doctors (TV)
Several squads of Cybermen are timescooped during the Second Cyber War and immediately try to conquer the Death Zone. However, it's not called that for fun.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: the most perfect killing machine ever devised, the most perfect killing machine ever devised's CD collection, the most perfect killing machine ever devised's spears, the laser disco of Rassilon, their own weapons, criminal gullibility.

Exodus Genesis Revelation (DWM, Sixth Doctor)
One of the surviving ships of the Cyber war crashes into a frontier planet centuries later when people have forgotten who the Cybermen are. A mad scientist repairs the Cybermen with limbs from unwitting natives, and uses one to snap the necks of his academic rivals. The mad scientist is about to use these Cybermen to conquer the world, but accidentally electrocutes himself and blow up the Cybermen.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: space ship crashes, being set on fire.

Sword of Orion (BF, Eighth Doctor)
A derelict factory ship of the Cybermen is found after being struck by an ion storm. The human race and their Orion androids are fighting a bloody war and want the Cybermen to tip the balance. A second ion storm destroys the ship before either side can use it.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: ion disruption, the cold of space, special anti-Cyber guns.

Cyberman: Scorpius, Fear, Conversion, Telos
Telos was not the only hive planet of the Cybermen, and it is reconquered by the Cybermen who decide to play the long game and convince the human race to employ them to defeat the android hordes. It doesn't quite go to plan. In the sense Telos is destroyed by an asteroid strike and the Cybermen defeated.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: that would spoil any surprises.

Sentinel (Trenchcoat Ninth Aspect, Jon Thaw Doctor)
One of thos hive planets is Rassiditon and a lone Cyberman stalks the Morandi hospital built over it. It intends to release viruses which will brainwash the human population of Rassiditon, only to get caught up in a Time Lord hit job. The tombs of the Cybermen are frozen in a time loop the Cybermen can only ever escape by using their imagination and humanity. It's safe to assume they don't escape.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: fireworks, electrocution, alien brain parasites.

Battles In Time
Some Torchwood supplies of Cyber technology are stolen. This causes lots of problems as the Cyber technology starts doing what it does best...

The Heroes Story (DWM, Sixth Doctor)
In the 82nd century, the Skelatoid menace (worryingly similar to the Cybermen) attacks the galaxy. The Cybermen don't even slow down the menace and the current Cyber Emperor agrees to join the Galactic Alliance Summit against the Skelatoid threat. However, it turns out it was all a waste of time as thanks to some Draconian prophecy, the Sixth Doctor has already blown them up. Damn it.

Dreadnaught (BBC, Eighth Doctor)
The Cybermen, upgraded, are resorting to pirate tactics - storming freighters and performing emergency conversions. They try to steal the Doctor's TARDIS, but one of their unfinished number goes nuts. The Doctor does something clever and destroys the Cybermen.

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: their own weapons, magnetism, having their neutron flow polarity reversed (a weakness they share with everyone else in the universe it appears.)

Real Time (BF/BBC, Sixth Doctor)
The last survivors of the Cyber race are hunted down by bounty hunters. A handful conquer the verdant planet of Chronos and discover that its population are from the past, moving forward in time from when the planet was desolate. The Cybermen convert the population but discover the time portal won't let them pass through without causing the Cyber implants to vanish. Using the time portal to snatch archaeologists, the Cybermen discover the Doctor and the TARDIS is on the planet, and decide to change history.

Now, pay attention. The Cybermen MIGHT do this. They get a virus that turns you into Cybermen and lets it loose on Earth in the 1950s, wiping out humanity and gaining conquest of the universe. One of their skin drones (a Cyberman that looks human) is a rebel who reprograms the virus to turn Cybermen into humans and travels into the future so he can cancel out this new history, right?

As the Doctor discovers, that history can only occur if the Cybermen get the virus and change it back to turning human to Cybermen. It appears that the Doctor has defeated the last of the Cybermen, not realizing that the last Cyber Controller was really his companion Evelyn in the future - and his current companion Evelyn has been infected with the cyber virus as they unwittingly head back to Earth in the 1950s...

(There was going to be a sequel to this, but it never happened. Just assumed the Doctor decided to check them both for virus contamination before leaving the TARDIS and sorted it out in a way so boring and drama-free Big Finish never bothered to show it. So, uh, the Cybermen are gone FOREVER!)

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: themselves, viruses, time differentials.

The World Shapers (DWM, Sixth Doctor)
A time-altering terraforming device called a world shaper is installed on Marinus at some point when only the Voord were living there. The World Shaper mechanics listed Marinus as Planet 14. The Voord captured the world shaper and started to use it as a weapon, causing their own evolution as their cybernetic implants grew and became part of them.

The Time Lords send one of their number to investigate, but the Voord use the World Shaper to accelerate time and the Time Lord uses up his regenerations. His TARDIS sends out a distress call and the Doctor, Frobisher and Peri arrive to help. The Time Lord dies whispering "Planet 14". Puzzled, the Doctor remembers hearing "Planet 14" before and decides to ask Jamie (who has full memories of his trips with the Doctor, despite what the Time Lords think). However, the TARDIS arrives forty years too late and Jamie is a half-mad lonely hermit who no one trusts. Nevertheless, Jamie agrees to join the TARDIS again and explains that "Planet 14" was where the Cybermen claim to have met the Doctor and Jamie before. (This is clearly not the case, as Jamie remembers The Invasion completely different to what's on TV, but he IS going senile, and the Doctor typically leaps to the wrong conclusion.)

Returning to Marinus, they discover the Voord have triggered a temporal explosion. The water planet is now dry and storm wracked, and the Voord are now evolving into a (new) race of Cybermen. The Doctor and Jamie head to the heart of the Cyber-Voord base and meet the Controller. Jamie sacrifices his life to destroy the world shaper, but while he deprives them of a time weapon, he also triggers the final temporal pulse that finishes evolving the Voord into Cybermen.

The Doctor and co find themselves on the barren world as dawn breaks. The Time Lords have arrived in force and order the Doctor to sod off while they get to business. They have allowed the Cybermen to be created again because they know in the future they will evolve, ultimately, into pure thought, and in the end prove the salvation of all sentient life.

(The Doctor rambles that this is in fact the first origin of the Cybermen and Marinus/Planet 14 has become Mondas... but he HAS just seen one of his best friends die horribly and miserably, and this IS the Sixth Doctor, who is known to jump to entirely the wrong conclusion.)

The one thing the Cybermen are vulnerable to: decapitation, temporal meltdowns.

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