Monday, October 20, 2014

Praise for Car(r)ib(b)ean Blue

Yes, despite industrial action preventing the release of part six, the response has been truly breathtaking.

Genuine quotes from across the interweb!

"Wow... Got to say I am so digging this stuff. Its great to have Doctor Who rolling along again."

"Nice one - good story"

"All who started like this of course before 1989... two guys chatting in a bar."

"Intriguing first episode."

"Please do more."

"This is very new series."

"A line worthy of Moffat himself."

"Excellent build-up to the cliffhanger."

"Doctor sounds young and sexy"

"'Bit cold out for a strip tease' - what a classic Doctor Who line."

"Wonderful stuff... As good as anything Big Finish ever put out."

"I'm hooked."

"The acting by everyone was beyond the pale... Whatever that mean..."

"What a wit!"

"Ewen Campion Clarke's writing was enjoyable."


"He's put a great deal of thought into it I have to admit."

"Masterly dialogue!"

"Looking forward to finding out what happens next."


"The writer broke our minds."

"Good performances from everyone in the cast."

"I for one LOVED the Master from Scream of the Shalka being park of this."

"Wonderful job by everyone and everything. "