Monday, March 12, 2007

For fuck's sake, Spara...

A post dedicated to crap I DO NOT BELIEVE.

For a start:

Every time I nearly feel sorry for him...

Yes, [Adam Rickitt] made an appearance in the Games, and was an extremely successful contestant. He is also an extremely highly regarded Conservative politician, and also had a pop career. He is soon to appear in the 2007 series of Doctor Who as the Doctor's companion, Ben Chatham. He is also not a knob.


an upcoming staring role in the 2007 series of Doctor Who, as the Doctor's companion Ben Chatham. The Moopy posters represent the voice of Britain's youth, and they hold Adam in high esteem, as does the television industry as a whole. Please reinforce your arguments in the future. Many on here are weak, whereas mine is as strong as bonded-polycarbide.

I bet a full two people got that one.

Disturbingly, he hasn't changed his tune ever since December 04 when he first came up with this brilliance:

I think a young male companion as WELL as Billie Piper would be a great idea - a sort of modern Harry Sullivan /Sarah Jane Smith. I think Adam Rickitt would be great in that role.

We have suffered ever since.

Anyway, moving on.

31371 says: Is Sparacus a Moron?
OK - before everyone shouts me down , lets look at this issue seriously and rationally. Sparaidiot has been proven to spam several boards. His join date was in April and has never been fully explained and there remain several crucial questions:
1) Why does he claim to be so stinking rich and important, yet he has time to visit board after board and spam them to death? The rich people I know have more to do w/ their time than sit in their mother's basement "chatting with babes online" (as Kip Dynamite would say) and surfing for child porn.....Sparacus is the real-life from now on, please refer to him as such.
2) Why does he have no obvious life? Certainly he doesn't have a lot going on that he is able to find time to manage such a demanding online schedule.
3) Why are there no witnessess to verify that Kip is nothing more than a spamming, pathetic, worthless loser? Oh wait. There are. We're all here right now.The facts clearly suggest that Kip was used by the American establishment as a guinea pig in psychological experiments. He was taken to a secret military hospital barely alive & rebuilt with the brain of a tadpole. Several limbs are probably cybernetic so as to support the daily grind on his fingers and carpal tunnel. His brain - which is controlled by Marshall Applewhite. This explains why he moved into his mom's basement - he figured Marshall would never find him there. Guess again.


Ab3 says:
So far the best OG thread is the guy who claims that his 'vision' for the Christmas Invasion and season 2 is far superior to what RTD could come up with. Now speaking as a sad fanboy that thinks he can write... nothing pisses me off more than a sad fanboy that thinks he can write.

I like it.

Reviews for my/Damien's wikipage on BC:
  • "Classic stuff. "
  • "This is genius."
  • "I'm having trouble not laughing out loudat it because no-one at work would understand why."
  • "I'll enjoy getting this deleted." - Madison from Moopy. One track mind, that bloke...

And, for sheer, sheer chutzpah, check out this exchange. I wonder if I am really Sparacus... cause he's clearly impersonating me for some reason...

Sparacus: Oh its you is it. Some advice: 1) Go away. No one likes you here. 2) See a psychiatrist - you have mental problems. 3) Follow the advice.

Nate: I've lots of friends here - as for you - the general concensus... you are a neurotic, sociopathic, repressed homosexual - and if I may say so - extremely ugly looking.

Sparacus: The word is consensus. You clearly cannot spell in addition to your complete self-delusion.

I just got so many LSD flashbacks in that conversation, it's creepy...

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