Monday, March 12, 2007

Series Three Spoilers

The series three spoilers

1: Smith & Jones by RTD
A hospital containing medical Martha Jones is drawn to the moon by the rhino-faced, Sontaranesque Jundoon...

2: The Shakespeare Code by Gareth Roberts
Just like A Groatsworth of Wit. But with cackling witches instead of demonic ghosts.

3: Flesh & Bone by RTD
Back to New Earth of the year 5 billion and 23, where the Face of Boe, Novice Hame and Ardal O'Hanlan as a cat in an aviator's cap who doesn't believe the Doctor's a hitchhiker. You are not alone.

4 & 5: Daleks in Manhatten/The Oncoming Storm by Helen Raynor
Showgirls! Daleks! Maybe Ogrons? What else matters?!?

6: The Lazarus Project by Stephen Greenhorn
In the Millennium Centre of Cardiff, Professor Lazarus shreds fifty years of age in front of an astonished crowd. But everything has its price, and soon the deaths begin...

7: 42 by Chris Chinball
No idea. Hopefully better than his Torchwood eps. Perhaps involving half-human hybrids terrorizing American settlers. Or the Cybermen. Dunno, really.

8 & 9: Human Nature/The Family of Blood by Paul Cornell
If it is a remake of Human Nature, it's hiding well. The Doctor and Martha arrive a bording school where the tradition for a Spaced regular to play a worryingly familiar villain, as Jessica Stevenson plays the evil chemist Head Matron after Simon Pegg as the evil mastermind the Editor...

10: Blink by Stephen Moffat
The return of Captain Jack... and two years of his memory... in a haunted house

11: Utopia by RTD
No TARDIS crew this week. Or the Ice Warriors. Or the Doctor's son.

12 & 13: The Sound of Drums by RTD
Weeeeeeeeeelll, the rumors have the Doctor arrive on a planet where the natives worship the Face of Boe and a colony of surviving Time Lords. They ain't pleased to see the Doctor either... oh, and Derek Jacobi regenerates into the bloke from Life on Mars who is playing the Master. Just like David Jason, a bloke off Big Brother, Simon Pegg and Anthony Stewart Head... Oh, and Mr Saxon finally shows his ugly mug.

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