Monday, March 12, 2007

I wish I could put stuff up on youtube

Yeah, that sums it up. I'd do something like this:

(the last scene in the TARDIS in The Parting of the Ways)

DOCTOR: You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what?

(Rose shakes her head)

DOCTOR: So was I!

(He grins. So does she. He explodes in energy that clears, leaving a dazed new Doctor)

DOCTOR: Hello... I'm... Ugh. New Teeth. That's wierd. So where was I? Oh that's right! BARCELONA!

(Rose stares at him. He grins back.)


(A rock hurtles to Earth with a wolf howl.)

(The Doctor and Rose are flung against the console as the TARDIS shakes.)

(A shooting star crashes into a barren moorland.)

(An explosion outside the viewports of the SS Madame Du Pompadour.)

(Red static dances on the inside of a television.)

(The crew cover their faces as they are flung out of their seats and to the floor. More explosions.)

(Something peers through the grass at an unlucky farmer.)

(A cleaning lady, lit by a green glow screams.)

(The Doctor coughs up vortex energy as Rose watches on.)

(The image of a man in a breathing mask and the caption: LUMIC MUST BE STOPPED flashing underneath.)

(Ships swoop towards Albian hospital.)

(Micky is typing at an internet cafe.)

(Something inhuman is typing at its own computer.)

(A doll lies abandoned in the gutter.)

(A Union Jack blows on an antique television screen.)

ANNOUNCER: Tomorrow, join millions of others around the world to celebrate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second here on television!

(The farmer looks around in horror. There is something nearby... growling.)

(A computer schematic of a planet around a black hole.)

(The Doctor tries to calm Rose down.)

DOCTOR: Rose, it's me. Look - honestly, it's me.

ROSE: You can't be.

(A screen shows UFO ACTIVITY and a shot of a flying saucer over a high school.)

(There are cat nuns with covered faces.)

HAME: (VO) Welcome to New Earth.

(An old lady bangs the television and the red static emerges, aiming for her face. She backs away.)

(The Doctor slams down controls on the console, sneering at Rose.)

DOCTOR: Oh, don't be so dull! Let's RIP through that vortex!

(An Ood turns to face us.)

OOD: And the Beast will rise from the Pit.

(A translucent image of a human head as the brain floats off into a metal frame. A faceplate drops over it, forming the head of a Cyberman.)

ROSE: I want the Doctor back, RIGHT NOW!

(A Cyberman turns its head to watch.)

GEMINI: (VO) Incompatible versions: delete.

(A terrified boy hauls at a metal hatch.)

BOY: Open door one! Open door one!

COMPUTER: He is awake. He is coming. He is coming.

(Hame strokes the hair of a female patient.)

HAME: Let us cure you. We can cure ANYTHING!

(Mickey speaks into his mobile.)

MICKEY: Rose? Rose, listen! There are some wierd things going on and you and the Doctor, well... I need you.

(A numb-looking newsreader sits before an image saying HM GOVERNMENT: STATE OF EMERGENCY.)

NEWSREADER: This is an emergency broadcast. The country is under attack.

(Something ticking looms over the fallen pilot.)

PILOT: What are you doing? Get away! Get away!

(A screen shows the words: THE BEAST IS AWAKE. HE WILL RISE FROM THE PIT.)

(A ridiculously melodrammatic presenter of Crime Crackers.)

PRESENTER: An ordinary London street? Or is it?!

(A young journalist is speaking to his editor.)

REPORTER: This is the story of the century!

(A corporate looking woman leans forward.)

WOMAN: Bring it back, Captain Walker, and you'd be the man who saved the Empire.

(The Doctor runs around the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: All across the universe! Running, running, running!

(A blue van drives off.)

FEMALE VOICE: Cybus Industries. Working for you. Coming soon, the Ultimate Upgrade.

(The journalist is being dragged to a padded cell.)

JOURNALIST: I know the truth about the ghosts!

(Back in the TARDIS.)

ROSE: Can you change back?

DOCTOR: ...Do you want me to?

ROSE: Yeah. Can you?


(The journalist is moving through some photos and drawings of the Tenth Doctor.)

(Mickey speaks into his phone.)

MICKEY: There's something out there.

NEWSREADER: If you see them - run. Just run.

(Cybermen march down a tunnel.)

(The old lady is trapped by the red static energy.)

(The boy opens a book of heiroglyphs that suddenly glows a vivid red.)

(Hame whirls around and there is the sound of a cat screaming.)

(The farmer turns and screams as a werewolf leaps onto him.)

(A Krillitane unfurls its wings and screams.)

(The pilot screams. A clock shatters.)

(The book in the boy's hands suddenly burns to ashes.)

(We zoom in on a cupboard in darkness. Its doors start to shake open, and beyond are eyes of red.)

(The Doctor laughs insanely as the TARDIS shakes.)

DOCTOR: HOLD ON! Christmas Eve...

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