Monday, March 12, 2007

Dalek Replacement

Back in 2005, there was that big scare that the Daleks would not appear in Doctor Who for rights reasons... and since that moment they've appeared in seven episodes and a book. Oh well, here was my reaction at the time...

I had an idea for a new race of monsters that were inspired by the monsters in Alien - in the sense that you can't reason with them, no Oscar Wilde wit will put them off, and they will kill you.

The Thanotoids, I called them - basically, robots of death.

Deep, aren't I?

The Thanotoids are a bunch of androids that are very strong and very intelligent. They learn from evey mistake they make and, since they are linked by an electronic telepathy, no one else will fall for this either. They are into the whole "invade the galaxy" thing. They will capture anything living and plug it into their machines, which will suck out their whole mind and file it away, and then liquify the body for battery purposes. A few of them are able to reprogram themselves so they can change their appearances. As such, you cannot try and delay this fate - any use you have to them, body or mind, they can take you.

So, in short, they are like Daleks in mentality, Cybermen in origin, Autons in practise and they can not only climb stairs but are quite chatty as they have the memories and personalities of their victims - but they've got lots of machines to make sure they don't go schizo and collapse.

Er, only one problem. I never worked out how to defeat them.

Good luck, Doctor.

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