Thursday, October 8, 2015

Voord is the Word: The Voord-Makers

(An ongoing series set in a Divergent Universe...) 

  This adventure takes between Circus of Destiny and Hex

Calistillo looked down across the Ascension Hive, her eyes blazing in triumph. From her high gantry, he could see hundreds of newly-harvested citizens, lined up and waiting for her command. The final few citizens stumbled to their feet and took their places in the rows of wetsuit-clad, masked warriors. The helmets covered their dead, empty faces and their useless former identities. They were nothing but creatures for her command. This is what it would be like when she ruled all of Voord Magnii, Calistillo thought - the endless, exquisite fleeing of absolute power.

Calistillo's expression soon soured. "Not enough," she said softly. "Only a few hundred of all the people in the land. They huddle and cower out their in the silent ruins when they should have answered the call to battle, to ascension! All willing volunteers are now this legion but there are still more recruits out there. We shall harvest them and enlighten them by force. The time has come for the army to march! Seek all citizens within the city. Locate, retrieve and harvest," ordered the Queen of the Voord. "Stalk the streets, hunt down any who walk in open, break down the doors and take those who hide indoors!"

Her subjects nodded to indicate their compliance and the monstrous figures strode out of the chamber with unhurried strides. The Voord had been given and order and they would not rest until they had achieved what was required of them. They were better than the living creatures they had once bled and feared and died.

Of that, Calistillo had no doubt and the Voord knew no other truth.


The Voord marched out of the Hive and down the zig-zagging walkway that connected the tower to the thoroughfares opposite. The sunlight filtering down through the ocean sky was reflected off their polished helmets and glinting antennae. They made their way out into the city, a massive certainty in each measurd step of their flippered feet. As they entered the main street, the two rows of Voord dispersed with pairs heading off down steps and sidestreets, their deceptively-faceless helmets scanning the shadows for movement.

Down on the street level, those citizens still outdoors looked up in surprise at the dull, rhythmic slapping noise from the overcity above. The noise grew louder and nearer and men, women and children stared open-mouthed as they saw a phalanx of glossy black figures come into view on the transverse ramps. The dark shapes advanced towards ground level like an inexorable black wave, their huge triangular head glinting in the shafts of daylight between the debris-strewn upper levels.

Some screamed, and many ran in the panic. Others stood their ground and were wrestled and overcome by the superhuman-strong creatures with their unblinking visor-like eyes. They took hold of their victims in headlocks and bodily carried them back to the lifts and stairwells to return to the Hive. Despite the hundreds of Voord leaving the tower, there was easy access for them to return with fresh material for the harvest.


Trying hard not to panic, Peri and Ailysan carely retreated back along the columned arcade. As they reached the mouth of the arcade, a midnight-black shape slithered into the daylight and barred their way outside. Simultaneously a second Voord appeared at the entrance they'd fled, trapping the pair in the arcade.

Peri looked between the two expressionless monsters; they stood motionless and silent, to the point they could have been statues. There was no clue that they were even aware of the fugitives they had captured. But just as she felt confident enough to risk making a move, the Voord ahead of them drew its dagger.

Ailysan seemed mesmerized as the sunlight glinted and flashed on the polished blade, lighting up the empty oblong sockets in the front of the Voord helmet. It was unfeeling, empty, dead and she found herself wondering who the poor creature had once been, if they'd ever known each other... and now they never would. Anything human had been burnt out and replaced and now there was nothing but Voord.

And soon that would be their fate as well...

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