Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthdays!

I had no idea so many of my friends were around the same time - from the truly awesome Harry Hill to Cathy Saunders who is still the most beautiful girl I've ever met. But, knock me down with a Native Title claim, also one of this blog's very few patrons, CJ "Illyria? Pah! Lightweight!" Mason.

And it's not much of a gift but it seems the universe has granted him a birthday boon - yes, Ron Mallet's wife has finally got hold of the laptop and erased her husband's pathetic cyberlife from existence. True, she's done this before and there's a good chance the Sliver Smurfrapist could be back but for this glorious day the odious troll has been silenced.Indeed, given the Altern8Dimensions forum itself has been destroyed it seems even his online chums chose digital oblivion to his videos of that chick with the tatoos making her boobs dance to classical music.

See what that forum of RAGE-worshipping classic TV critiquing troglodytes looks like today.

And as for the so-called Smurf's Soapbox (along with its universally-despised review of Caribbean Blue)?

Yeah. Seriously, how many times did we tell him not to brag about his sex life?

(I mean, we could email ron_mallett@yahoo.com.au and see if he's all right, but do we really want to know? Let's just assume the worst. Ding dong the bitch is dead, bitches!)

Happy birthday, Cam.

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