Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An appeal for info

Even in this wonderful future of google apps, there are still things you just can't find out.

For example, a while back - say, 2005 at the most - there was a five-minute cgi-animated kid's cartoon on the ABC (probably part of the late lamented Rollercoaster) of which I cannot remember the title or any easily googled details.

The premise was this bored little boy was reading a magazine when a girl from the realm of magazine-literature drew him into this other realm. Therein followed a Sliders-style premise as human body and fiction girl jump from one reality/magzine to another, often having whacky adventures and boasting a truly awesome theme tune.

No idea how to find out any more details.



Matthew Blanchette said...

Hey, look what just happened:

Youth of Australia said...

Wow. Character defined by being stupid and offensive says something stupid and offensive.

That's a level of character consistency that Glee would kill for. Frankly, I'm proud 2BG has systematically insulted every ethnic group. It's called equality, people, and the brutal truth is that there are ugly faces in Indigenous Peoples too.

Christ on a bike, Chris Lilly gets a fortune to systematically destroy the respect for Tongan culture but one throwaway gag which was this bad?

Don't focus on the executions in Indonesia, will you?


Now, seriously, any clue as to what that cartoon was called?