Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Doctor Who Derivativation # 1

...or, when in doubt, just parasitically leach off an existing TV story.

Ideas I've come up with for stories...

"An Unearthly Child"
  • The Doctor's visit to the BBC to demand colour television as the TARDIS scanner is broken and how the "infernally secretive" receptionists deal with him.
  • What were the three students at the start talking about? And was it PG-rated?
  • What whacky hi-jinks did Susan get up to for five months? How did the Doctor become a trusted advisor to Sir Charles Summer during this period?
  • The Doctor meets a man resembling Peter Cushing and inspires him to build his own time machine.
  • Surely the Doctor noticed a grey Dalek hiding in the junkyard. Does he connect this with the aliens he'd meet on Skaro?
  • Unbound: The policeman at the start is after "IM Foreman" for stealing electronic parts and arrests the Doctor as he returns to the junkyard. Taken for questioning, it turns out the policeman is an agent for Torchwood. Susan finally turns to Ian and Barbara to break her grandfather out of jail, but it means exposing the truth about alien life at large in 1963.

"100,000 BC"
  • The setting is revealed to be Mondas.
  • The setting is revealed to be post-apocalyptic Earth.
  • The Silents are carrying out an experiment to create religion with primitive human, and the TARDIS crew discover this and defeat the Silents before completely forgetting about the entire thing.
  • Unbound: the Doctor kills Za, but loses any trust he has with the others.

"The Daleks"
  • The original pre-Genesis version of history as the Daleks evolve naturally. What happened to Davros and the other Mark III travel machines? Are the Dals actually Kaleds?
  • The things in the lake of mutation go on a kaiju-style rampage.
  • Alydon and the Thals unwittingly activate Dalek booby-traps as they demolish the city.
  • How do the Thals cope when they discover off-world Dalek colonies?
  • Unbound: the radiation meter is working, the TARDIS crew depart right away. The Thals and the Daleks have to sort their own shit out. Might they achieve a peace?

"The Edge of Destruction"
  • Unbound: the Fast Return Switch works and takes them back to 1963.
  • Unbound: a ghost has possessed one of the TARDIS crew. The ghost of Sexy/Idris, perhaps?

"Marco Polo"
  • As Marco Polo has recently been revealed to be a composite character of several notable Venetians rather than an individual, a bit like Robin Hood, who was there at the Roof of the World? A Time Agent under cover, perhaps, eager to get back Venise (his pet name for his vortex manipulator)? And was Tegana perhaps another, rival time traveler out there causing trouble?
  • Unbound: Ping-Cho joins the TARDIS crew.

The Keys of Marinus
  • Explore the initial Voord invasion.
  • How did the Morpho brains evolve? What are the Ice Soldiers? Are they connected?
  • What happens to the Screaming Jungle? Does it take over the rest of the planet?
  • Unbound: the Morpho brains sucessfully brainwash our heroes, who are slaves for years before being rescued by the Voord seeking the keys.
  • Unbound: Yartek succeeds in using the Conscience, thus confirming if he is hero or villain.

"The Aztecs"
  • The Doctor goes back for Cameca.
  • Unbound: Ian drowns in the tunnel, Susan is mutilated by Tlotoxl, Barbara changes history and the reapers descend on Mexico.
  • Unbound: Barbara listens to the Doctor and doesn't rock the boat. Will Autloc still have a crisis of faith regarding needless bloodshed?

"The Sensorites"
  • What will mankind do when the minerals of the Sense-Sphere are discovered? Will Maitland's testimony get him supported or killed?
  • Do the Sensorites sell out the Ood to humanity to preserve their safety?
  • The mad miners were working for Torchwood. The Archive decides that the Sensorites' mental weapons and physical weapons are more use than minerals.
  • Exploration of the more primitive giant-spider-worshiping Sensorites from Monsters from Earth, and their relationship with their more enlightened-cousins. Kinda like Hills Have Eyes.
  • The Doctor and Susan's visit to Esto to meet the telepathic plants.

"The Reign of Terror"
  • The Doctor and Susan's first visit to revolutionary France.
  • As they depart, the TARDIS crew meet REG's Scarlet Pimpernell, on the verge of retirement after Robespierre is overthrown.
  • Unbound: Susan's fever triggers her first regeneration.

"Planet of Giants"
  • The Doctor and Susan in WW1.
  • DN6 is rediscovered/used and causes disasters across the countryside.
  • Forrester was working for the Master and/or Torchwood/the Forge.
  • Unbound: the crew never return to normal size and Barbara dies.

"The Dalek Invasion of Earth"
  • The story of the original plague and invasion. Was Dortmunn paralyzed by Dalek weapons? What happens to the colonists trapped on the moon after Earth is invaded? Is there a Dalek blockade?
  • The Dalek invaders are the last of Dal-Kaleds and thus insane Kaleds. All the proper Daleks stayed at home and let the nutters get on with their hollow Earth scheme.
  • Was the Slither a Dalek mutant infected by Stahlman's goo?
  • How was this story rewritten by the events of Genesis and Terra Firma? It means a completely different version of history happened but Susan remembers both.
  • Does the invasion still occur, post-Time War?
  • Unbound: the TARDIS crew all decide to stay in post-invasion London.
  • Unbound: Jenny joins the TARDIS crew.

"The Rescue"
  • "Koquillion" is a mental parasite that drives people to dress up and cause bloodshed and mayhem. Is Vicki also infected?
  • The Doctor's first visit to Dido and the scars it left.
  • The Didonian survivors attack the rescue ship and cause an incident.
  • Unbound: Vicki stays on Dido.

"The Romans"

  • The Doctor meets Hans Christian Anderson and/or the Mountain Mauler of Montana.
  • Barbara goes back to rescue her cellmate from the lions.
  • Unbound: Vicki poisons Nero and the Doctor has to start the fire himself.
  • Unbound: the Doctor and Vicki leave without Ian and Barbara.

"The Web Planet"
  • The Face of Boe's visits to Vortis, which must have happened at some point.
  • Animus spores/Zarbi eggs arrive on Earth and are used in a zoo exhibit before they get out of control.
  • Slitheen visit Vortis to take grubs as pets.
  • Only the third, sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth Doctors haven't been to Vortis.
  • Why do Atlantean explorers, the Animus, crystalline parasites, genetic manipulator drones, and other such monsters keep arriving on Vortis? What is attracting them all? Is it just the abundant minerals or something else behind it all?
  • Vortis becomes part of the Earth's solar system and taken over by Torchwood, following Lair of the Zarbi Supremo. How far will planet-piloting technology go? Will the Daleks be after it?

"The Crusade"
  • The visit to the planet of the talking stones mentioned in the novelization.
  • King Richard is revealed to be one of Scaroth's splinters.
  • Robin Hood gets involved.
  • Unbound: Barbara kills Safia after all and has to live with the consequences.

"The Space Museum"
  • Just what happened with the Morok invasion of Skaro? Or their ravaging of Xeros? They've also conquered human space as well. Lobos and the others are in no way representative of the Moroks at their empire's height, who seem to be an unstoppable force.
  • What occured in the original timeline when the TARDIS crew perished, and isn't it odd the TARDIS jumped the time track allowing them to alter events? Is it the Great Intelligence?
  • Will the Moroks take the revolution lying down? Will Tor assume a war footing?
  • Unbound: Ian changes the future by committing suicide by guard in episode three.

"The Chase"
  • Steven's initial crash, which occurs during the original Draconian war.
  • The Doctor uses the TSV to see how Susan's getting along, and starts getting spoilers for new adventures (ie, the news reports of Mondas in 1985, etc) and after seeing the outcome of several adventures, breaks it and vows never to use it again. Except maybe once.
  • The dying Tenth Doctor saves Steven while doing his lap of honor.
  • DARDIS travel causes irrational behavior in its users, hence the stupid behavior of Daleks and humans. What happened to the test subject of previous explorations?
  • Are there other Mechanus planets prepared by Mechanoids? How else have the Daleks heard of them? Will Mechanus ever be colonized by human beings?

"The Time Meddler"
  • Who is the Monk? A rogue CIA agent? A honeytrap for other renegades? How many of his plans have worked - like Stonehenge? Was he part of the Pandorica alliance?
  • The Monk's solo attempt to change the battle of Hastings before he returns to the church.
  • Unbound: the Monk succeeds in rewriting history.
  • Unbound: the Doctor steals the Monk's TARDIS and keeps the Monk as a companion to keep him on the straight and narrow.

"Galaxy 4"
  • Why is the planet about to explode? Is it something to do with the entropy in Logopolis?
  • The Drahvins are an offshoot of the Thals.
  • The Chumblies are taken over by a hostile intellect and turn against the Rills.
  • The Drahvins are at war with the Dominators.
  • What other races live in Galaxy 4? Are they represented on Kembel?

"The Myth Makers"
  • If this is the truth of the Trojan war, what the hell happens to Odysseus after this? And how are the Fourth Doctor and Leela involved?
  • What was Vicki's farewell to the Doctor?
  • Aliens visit the ruins of Troy to collect the empty Trojan horse and whacky hi-jinks ensue.
  • Helen of Troy is River Song. Or maybe Clara. Or both!

"The Dalek Masterplan"
  • What happens when the outer galactic powers bring their fleets to find Kembel is a heap of dust? Considering the leaders are depending on a war to justify their actions, this could lead to chaos amongst the surviving delegates. Will they turn on humanity?
  • How is Mavic Chen's disappearance explained? Surely the SSSS will be suspicious that their repeated missions to Kembel are dead ends and Mavic Chen's been visiting there recently?
  • Karlton leads the new, anti-alien human empire to become the introverted, Ood-dependant dictatorship seen in the 42nd century.
  • The Tenth Doctor and the resurrected Sara Kingdom return to this point for Sara to take on Karlton.
  • The convicts on Desperus achieve their own civilization and turn against the rest of the galaxy - coz those giant vampire bats give them super powers!!!

"The Massacre"
  • Was the Abbot of Amboise a Time Lord?
  • What are the unseen adventures the Doctor has during this story?
  • Unbound: the Doctor is killed by a mob and regenerates.
  • Unbound: Steven leaves with Anne in the TARDIS, assuming the Doctor is dead even though he isn't.
  • Unbound: Steven decides to stay in 1966 and the Doctor travels on alone.
  • Unbound: Ian and Barbara encounter the Doctor and Steven and patch up the dispute.

"The Ark"
  • Where do the monoids come from? Is it their real name? Humanity's encountered them before...
  • What were the Refusians like before they were altered form? Was this the Time War at work?
  • Did the Earth really burn or were the Guardians a bunch of doomsday nutters in a cult?
  • Cassandra funds the entire Ark project to create a pureblood race of moronic humans who will worship her and hate all aliens that set up shop on Refusis which has already been bought and remodelled for humanity - as she's over two thousand years old, another seven centuries won't fuss her. But what will happen to the colony now she isn't there to supervise it? How long before the Arkers realize that they are not alone in the universe after all?
  • Why does the TARDIS follow the ark? Is it just coincidence? Or is she trying to show the Doctor the consequences of his actions?
  • Unbound: the Doctor doesn't cure the plague and humanity is wiped out.

"The Celestial Toymaker"
  • The Doctor's original visit to the Toyroom (the Divided Loyalties version doesn't correspond with what we're told in the TV story).
  • Who were all the toys originally? Were Clara and Joey clowns who lost the game, or other people who were recreated as clowns for the lulz? Are the ballerina dolls human, alien or just toys? What happens to the dolls when they lose a game? Do they stay dolls or die? What does that feel like?
  • Unbound: the Doctor refuses to play the games and thus stays invisible.
  • Unbound: Dodo is killed in the musical chairs game.
  • Unbound: the Doctor's face is changed as a forefeit.

"The Gunfighters"
  • How come Steven is so well-versed in Westerns? Has he been to this time before?
  • The Monk is involved.
  • Torchwood get involved.
  • Kate is River Song in drag/a shimmer.
  • Unbound: The Doctor's extracted tooth grows into another Doctor.

"The Savages"
  • The planet is a Gallifreyan colony and the home planet of Mawdryn.
  • Can the Elders still track the Doctor's travels? Will Steven keep an eye on the TARDIS's future?
  • Will Steven actually fit in? Can he stop becoming a dictator? Is there only one city on the planet or are there other communities using vampire methods to achieve enlightenment?
  • The life-draining technology is stolen and used to create more evil and monstrous footsoldiers, by sucking the lives and spirits of serial killers into mercenaries.
  • Unbound: the Doctor dies and Jano takes over the TARDIS.

"The War Machines"
  • The flash bloke at the Inferno is Ford Prefect.
  • WOTAN is alien technology looted by Torchwood, who also build mark 2 - BOSS - and sell it to the highest bidder. Morons.
  • WOTAN detects the question at Trenzalore and decides that the Doctor must be captured and what TARDIS stands for.
  • The Daleks infiltrate WOTAN and use it to create War Machine Daleks without blowing their cover that they are actually at work with Waterfield Antiques.
  • What happens to all WOTAN's victims? Are they all mind-wiped?
  • Polly meets with Dodo who explains her reasons for leaving.
  • Dodo meets up with Ben and Polly post their time in the TARDIS.
  • Unbound: the Doctor is brainwashed, and it's up to Ben and Polly alone to stop WOTAN.

"The Smugglers"
  • Avery returns to Earth and gets Longfoot to help fake his disappearance.
  • The curse is real and continues to spread across Cornwall.
  • Unbound: The curse of the gold is what triggers the Doctor's regeneration.

"The Tenth Planet"
  • How/why is Mondas draining energy? Is it a weapon the Cybermen are using? Why was Mondas not spotted earlier? Is the planet camouflaged?
  • The Cybermen sent the IE fleet in first, so what is their initial plan? How do they survive the destruction of Mondas? What about the Cybermen chasing the Nemesis?
  • How do others on Earth react to the invasion? UNIT? Tegan? Sarah-Jane and K9? Ben and Polly?
  • Patients in hospitals are dying as power drains from life support. Will they accept the offer of conversion rather than a slow death?
  • Terry Cutler learns of his father's death from Barclay. Does he discover his dad went insane before dying or does Barclay offer him the truth?
  • Someone has to clean up all the Cyber corpses and derelict ships. Is this too big for Torchwood and the Forge to cover up? Does this mean that people recognize the Cybermen in the 21st Century?
  • Unbound: Polly is converted into a Cyberman.
  • Unbound: the Doctor does not regenerate.

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