Thursday, February 27, 2014


Uh-oh, spara's gone apeshit! Again! I mean, in terms of sheer volume this is a belter.

The cause? Well, it looks like they might have cast a new companion and the fact that

a) it isn't Ben Chatham
b) it isn't Adam Rickitt
c) it is someone with a lick of a tar brush about them

all combine into a Chavhatefest unseen since School Reunion - and that was mild in comparison!

So, this Samuel Anderson is set to join the cast of Doctor Who. Once again they ignore more obvious actors for the male companion because he is "the right actor for the job". I have made it clear many times before who the more obvious choices for male companion are. My list includes people like Adam Rickitt, Ben Whishaw , Nicholas Hoult and Lee Williams. I find it hard to believe that all are unavailable.

(As one has given up acting, another with public issues about DW and two already in long-running series, this is not quite a conspiracy rivalling JFK.)

As I am a licence fee payer, the BBC has an obligation to give a damn about my opinion.

It also appears that this new man is a love interest for Clara. I suspect is will be another boring relationship sub-plot similar to the Rory-Amy snorefest. Doctor Who does not need this schmuck, just good, intelligent and exciting sci fi plotting.

As I am a viewer and I pay my licence fee and I am a long term fan of Doctor Who I decide what the show needs and doesn't need. Soap style relationship drama should not take precedence over the main plot!

(Yes, remind yourselves, this is the person who invented Ben Chatham saying this.)

It's clear NuWHo has some bizarre interracial agenda. Four out of the five main female companions seen in the new series have at one time been in an interracial relationship. Clearly the casting people at BBC Cardiff have some sort of political agenda, as evidenced by numerous other interracial couples seen in the new series, as well as Torchwood and SJA.

Unfortunately I can't give the ratios of the races of all the actors in Doctor Who as I haven't collated the info. However it is just an impression or sense that there are disproportunate support characters who are black. However it would need to be properly analysed. My impression is that there have, at times, been a disproportionate number of black actors in some Nuwho episodes. I can't remember which ones they are. I rarely re-watch Nuwho stories. My impression stems from a pre-conceived idea of what the BBC is about based on its nature. It is dominated by Guardian reading liberals from middle-class backgrounds.

And what about this character being a teacher? Will they will be depicted as smiley 'student centred' ,OFSTED friendly types who teach via letting the children play card sorting games instead of teaching from the front? Presumably it show "Coal Hill" as a decent private school. Setting it in a state school is not itself a big issue. The problem I suspect will be the trendy teaching methods on show.

Unfortunately Moffat has form for writing about teachers , he did a series called 'Chalk'. What we don't want is trendy teaching methods and mouthy kids being depicted. Ian and Barbara were good teachers. I'd like Clara and Danny to be traditional teachers standing by the board and delivering an academic lesson. Then throughout the series they could periodically return to the classroom to share their new knowledge of history and time travel. I mean wouldn't it be great if in one of the episodes they could get the Doctor to take the Sixth Formers back to see Ancient Rome or the Battle of Waterloo.

Anyway, moving on, this is an important and controversial issue rather than a bland one. One or two would have been proportionate and maybe a few more same sex relationships. However the BBC has a Blairite political agenda and that includes multiculturalism. Another factor is the commercial pressure to expand the ratings in the USA. So every episode has to look like its set in a US urban environment.

I notice that no one disagreeing with me is actually refuting any of the points I made.

Ok, lets look at some actual evidence. Here are the census statistics for the ethnic composition of British society:
Ethnic group 2011 population 2011%

White: Total 55,010,359 87.1
Gypsy/Traveller/ Irish Traveller: Total 63,193 0.1
Asian or Asian British: Indian 1,412,958 2.3
Asian or Asian British: Pakistani 1,174,983 1.9
Asian or Asian British: Bangladeshi 451,529 0.7
Asian or Asian British: Chinese 433,150 0.7
Asian or Asian British: Other Asian 861,815 1.4
Asian or Asian British: Total 4,373,339 4.7
Black or Black British: Total 1,904,684 3.0
Mixed Multiple: Total 1,250,229 2.0
Other Ethnic Group: Total 580,374 0.9
Total 63,182,178 100

As you can see, 3% of the population are black. Add up all the asian groups and it comes to over 8%. Logic dictates that the ratio of black and asian actors in Doctor Who should roughly reflect these proportions. Yet I see far more black actors than the proportions would suggest and less asian actors.

Again you make no effort to deploy any evidence to explain why I am talking nonsense. I presume that all these "academics" saying otherwise are Guardian reading vegan fiftysomethings from the Sociology department of a former Polytechnic.

The BBC is pro-actively trying to expand the US ratings and marketability of Doctor Who. Moffat may be claiming he does not make Doctor Who with foreign sales in mind and does not try and water down the British elements in the show. Hmmm. Yeah right, as the young people say.....

I do not withdraw my claim as I did not make a claim. I advanced a proposition and invited others to test it with evidence and in the light of that evidence a synthesis has emerged.

You cannot generalise about my opinions by refering to your views on other peoples' opinions. Simplistic.

Back on the original topic, I accept the statistical evidence that some have provided that there arn't THAT many interracial relationships in the show. However it does seem like its reached the 'enough' point. Why not more same sex ones?

I am entitled to express an opinion. I am not opposed to mixed race relationships. It would be somewhat hypocritical if I was considering that I support same sex marriage. I mean just a tad incongruous wouldn't you say? The thing people are objecting to is the extent to which they are appearing in the series and the feeling that it is part of some political agenda by the BBC.

There is nothing 'bigoted' in any of the comments that I have made. This thread raises the question of whether the sheer number of inter-racial relationships in Nuwho is unrepresentative of UK society and the result of the BBC pushing political correctness which is a perfectly valid topic for discussion, well that is if you happen to live outside of the po-faced Guardian reading mind trap. Just because I have admitted that it's not doesn't matter. Therefore why not represent society as it is?

They need to get away from the generic 'feisty female with a family'. I'd like a companion who was young, male, sensitive and an Archaeology graduate...

For the last time, it is not my desire to try to be like a normal person!

Yeah, Mark. Good luck with that.


Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Wow... that's just sad.

Youth of Australia said...

I know.

I.. er... well, reprinting it was easier than trying to explain how sad it is.

He can't even do it on his own forum because NO ONE (literally and figuratively) reads it.

He'll be self-harming at this rate.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

I feel good about my life now, all thanks to Sparacus being a twat.

Youth of Australia said...

Gawd bless the Emperor for his kindness to us all.

Persona Herein said...

He says all this like it's a bad thing.

So going by the statistics (the actual trend of the numbers being verifiable in other, more reliable places), what Doctor Who really needs is an Asian companion, probably Indian.

And yet somehow I doubt he'd be jumping for joy if that HAD happened...

Youth of Australia said...

It's like you're psychic! And considering he's never come up with a single non-caucasian character in his own stories, even after ten years, it's probably that he wants an Aryan companion rather than an Asian one...

Matthew Blanchette said...

Wait... which one has public issues with Doctor Who, and why? :-S

Youth of Australia said...

That is a question best unanswered, my friend. Otherwise you end up like a character in an HP Lovecraft story...

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Mmmm, Jennifer Lawrence...

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

I'm sure there have been non-white characters in Ben Chatam, but they remain silent.

They know their place.

Youth of Australia said...

Well, there were Mickey and Spartha Jones - and a line in Harvest of Evil HINTS that Jamie the underage Scottish sex slave and Bowie fan might have been... a nignog!!... but notably these stories were uncanonized by spara himself.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Oh yes, Spartha Jones... the hate that walked like a man.

Youth of Australia said...

Yes. It takes a lot to make Ben Chatham look tolerant, open-minded and adventurous but credit where it's due - Spartha "Kindly grow up you puny immature male" Jones did that. I mean, you'd think having a story where the Doctor sells a companion to a group of debauched aristos to rape to death would be sickeningly inappropriate yet it really was the only exit Spartha could have had...

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Was that really what happened?

Youth of Australia said...

Yeah. Return to the Orchid House.


Sir Reginald: Take it old boy *leaning over and whispering to Doctor* on the condition that I get a roll in the sack with that fine filly of yours. I'll throw in a rare first edition of Stuckley's "Excavation at Slbury" as well.

The Doctor: *whispering back* Its a deal.

Martha yawns.

Martha: Right, I need to go to bed.

Sir Reginald: Oh you can have the first room upstairs on the right *winks at Doctor*

Martha exits and goes upstairs .

This was because "the Martha character was scripted as a generically feisty bore with a grating crush on the Doctor, however Freema clearly lacked the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear because her performance lacked charisma". Since it "was glaringly obvious she couldn't cut the mustard and so RTD rewrote the ending of 'Last of the Timelords' to have her leave" spara wanted Martha to get a proper depature.

Martha: Grow up

The Doctor: *aside to camera* Don't worry, she's being axed. Preferably literally *canned audience laughter*

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

God, I hate that man so much. Or just don't care.

Youth of Australia said...

You can take comfort in the fact he is a sad, lonely alcoholic who has been abandoned by friends and enemies alike, and his online presence consists of variations of calling "Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone at all?" into the endless silence.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

So he's a Pink Floyd song?

Youth of Australia said...

More a Leonard Cohen tribute act in an empty pub.

Anonymous said...

Still having difficulty with points of view you can't fathom, even when it's well evidenced?

Youth of Australia said...

Yes. I really should support the idea of sex slavery and gang rape. I'm glad you've shown me the error of my ways in treating women as human beings deserving of respect.