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Doctor Who Derivativation # 3

"Spearhead from Space"
  • How did the first wave of Auton spheres take over Hibbert? Is it what happened in Business As Usual with Blunt and Max? Why did they only target England?
  • Why is the Brigadier expecting the Doctor to do a runner? Why doesn't he ask where Jamie and Zoe have got to? Did he have an unseen adventure with the Second Doctor who proved to be unreliable?
  • Why wasn't Anne Travers or Professor Watkins able to be UNIT's scientific advisor?
  • Has the Doctor encountered the Nestenes before? He knows the Autons' names without being told.
  • What happens to Sam Seely? Does his wife sue him for reckless endangerment? Does he make a fortune selling his story once window dummies start killing people? Or did Channing send an Auton to kill the only witnesses when the invasion started?
  • Were Torchwood involved? A man from space is reported to have two hearts and found outside a police box near a sight of meteor showers and TW doesn't notice? Did Captain Jack help the Brigadier protect the Doctor from the Institute?

"And the Silurians"
  • Quinn's first encounter with the Silurians.
  • What happened to Miss Dawson?
  • What happened to the guard T-Rex?
  • Is the race memory thing a psychic weapon? Why are only Wenley Moor Silurians capable of causing madness on sight? Is it because they're cyborgs with laser beams in their heads?
  • Is Morka actually killed at the end?
  • Did the Brigadier destroy the Silurians as said or (as is apparent on screen) just entomb them? If the latter, surely the Silurians will be able to escape when they do defrost...
  • Was Liz in on it after all? And did Torchwood have a say in what happened to the lizard people?
  • Why didn't the Doctor quit UNIT after this? Was he convinced not to, or did he decide the Brigadier was right after all?

"The Ambassadors of Death"
  • This story is set in a parallel universe the Doctor briefly visits when the TARDIS jumps dimension in the first episode - hence why, for this one story, Britain has a regular Martian exploration service.
  • Carrington works for Torchwood. He was bonking his various adcs. Including Reegan.
  • The UNIT lab is actually a redecorated TARDIS interior, with the scanner turned into a TV.

  • Stahlman was only given the go-ahead for his project because the Wenly Moor reactor broke down.
  • Were the Primords actually bioweapons, designed to destroy any drilling site that might wake up the Rachnoss? Or are they simply corrupted DNA from the Lovecraftian horrors of the time vortex?
  • Were there Primords at Krakatoa?
  • How did the RSF deal with Cybermen and Yeti?
  • What's to prevent other drilling from puncturing other pockets of Stahlman's gas and triggering the apocalypse? How do other projects avoid this dangerous substance?
  • Unbound: the Doctor saves the parallel Earth, but is trapped there.

"Terror of the Autons"
  • The Doctor and the Brigadier's debating over what to do with the Nestene sphere.
  • The Nestenes bust the Master out of jail, as he'd turned against his Time Lord captors and was about to be dematerialized. It seems the Nestenes and the Time Lords don't get on - maybe they did let the Daleks nuke them in the war after all?
  • Who is the Time Lord? Where did the Doctor meet them before?
  • Is the Doctor really a club member with Tubby Rolands?
  • Has the Doctor ever met Jo's well-connected uncle?

"The Mind of Evil"
  • The Master set up this scam before the events of Terror of the Autons.
  • What happened to the previous 112 victims of the Keller process? Did they kill themselves?
  • Where the Master get the parasite? Are there others out there?
  • The failure of the world's first peace conference is because of the Master, leading to the second one in Day of the Daleks. This is a change to history, which is why the Doctor is unconcerned when actually the world is on the verge of WW3.

"The Claws of Axos"
  • The Master's initial encounters with Axos.
  • Chinn is a Torchwood agent.
  • Are there other Axons around? How many other worlds have been tricked?
  • How will Nuton Complex survive with Windsor and Hardiman dead?
  • Unbound: the Doctor and Jo died with Axos, and the Master becomes UNIT's scientific advisor.

"Colony in Space"
  • This story occurs before The Claws of Axos - Jo doesn't believe the TARDIS works, and the Master (who the Brigadier is still seeking on Earth) is after full domination of the universe.
  • Are all the native aliens destroyed?
  • What happens to Uxaerius when it's found out it is full of not only minerals but advanced alien tech?
  • How do the colonists deal with IMC men? Is a real Adjudicator summoned and, if so, will he be bent or not? Will they barter durilium for terraforming gadgets to make the planet habitable?
  • Unbound: the Doctor agrees to join the Master in ruling the universe.

"The Daemons"
  • How long was the Master working in Devil's End as a vicar? Did he perform marriages, christenings and open fetes? How did he cope?
  • Just how well did Horner know the Master? Did they even meet?
  • What were the powers the Master were after? Would he transform into a Daemon, implied to have been the fate of the bloke left for dead in the Devil's Hump?
  • Why was the remote control on Bessie used again? Did it prove more trouble than it was worth?
  • Did the church actually blow up? Because everyone was happy to dance around it afterwards?
  • Is Bok related to the Weeping Angels? Are the angels created by the Daemons?

"The Day of the Daleks"
  • The Daleks invade Earth following the events of Threads and actually improve things.
  • These Daleks are survivors from the civil war on Skaro, lead by a gold-plated Maxtible Dalek.
  • The alterations to history in this story are what draw the attention of the Time Lords.
  • The Doctor works in the TARDIS, not the UNIT lab - he's just been redecorating again.

"The Curse of Peladon"
  • Why are Mars and Arcturus enemies?
  • Why is Draconia not part of the Federation?
  • If the Time Lords steered the TARDIS to Peladon, why did they land it on the edge of a cliff? Was someone trying to prevent the Doctor from going to Peladon? The Daleks, maybe, who would only benefit from the Federation breaking up and leaving a mineral-rich Peladon undefended...
  • Jo finds out that trisilicate is not unique to Mars and the Doctor was lying to convince her the incriminating evidence indicated the Ice Warriors.
  • Did Jo eventually go on that date with Mike?
  • How do Izlyr and Alpha Centauri keep their jobs after this fiasco, especially as they killed an Arcturuan delegate to save the life of an imposter? Arcturus will surely get in trouble for this...
  • The Doctor must have made a return visit to become a folk hero instead of a mysterious alien imposter, and become a trusted friend of the King instead of some guy he knew for a few weeks. And how did he piss off Ortron so much he'd denounce him in fifty years' time?

"The Sea Devils"
  • What was the Master's trial like? What was he charged with? How did the Doctor convince them not to kill the Master? Why didn't the Time Lords come to collect the sucker? Is this a Torchwood issue?
  • Do any of the Master's victims visit him in jail? Mrs. Farrell, Chin Lee, Filer, et all?
  • Why do the Sea Devils wait to the last minute to attack the sea fort?
  • Have the Sea Devils, as is hinted, been awake for a while and made contact with humanity before? (The rigger knows they are called Sea Devils, and in the book there are inscriptions of scaly sea monsters on the island who claim criminals). Does their campaign start after Wenley Moor?
  • What the hell happens to Walker? Does it hurt? Is he from Torchwood (who, after all, must have been interested in a sudden Bermuda Triangle or at least the heap of dead Sea Devils and their lasers left lying at a naval base...)
  • Unbound: the Doctor fakes a jail break for the Master to try and trick him into revealing where he left his TARDIS. The Master cottons onto this and causes more chaos.

"The Mutants"
  • Was the Earth Empire collapsing because of the solar flare damage to Earth itself? Hard to run an empire when the central hub is catching flame and everyone's fleeing on the backs of star whales, after all. How are the spin-doctors keeping Earth's devastation secret?
  • Why were the Time Lords so concerned about the Solonians? Were they previously allies? Are the god-Solonians going to be a help in the Time War?
  • Are the Solonians connected to the other species of Mutts in the Cyclops cluster?
  • Why not send the material straight to Sondergaard? Is this a complicated strategy to put Ky in the right place to transform or were the Time Lords just too lazy to brief the Doctor properly?
  • The Solonians have four separate mutations, each bridged by the Mutt phase. We know of "human" and "god" for spring and summer - but what are they like for autumn and winter?
  • How will the declining Earth Empire react now that their former colony world is now ruled by trigger-happy energy-being gods for the next five centuries? What happens if some of the godlike Solonians start to attack mankind for what it's done to the planet?
  • Is Solos typical of how other empire-run planets are treated? Is the Marshall one of many?

"The Time Monster"
  • Why does the Doctor dream of events? Is it Kronos warning him? Is this why he becomes interested in human psychics predicting the future?
  • Is the interest in Atlantis down to the events of The Underwater Menace? Do the Doctor and Jo pay a visit to compare and contrast to the version they actually visited?
  • What happened to the doodlebug and the knight in armor? Is the knight Sir Justin?
  • Did Azal give the crystal of Kronos to Atlantis?
  • The story of the original devastation of Atlantis by Kronos.
  • Kanpo meets the King of Atlantis and decides to borrow his face for his next regeneration.
  • Galiea and the survivors set up the new Atlantis underground with the fish people.
  • How does Kronos know the Doctor of old? Will they meet before?
  • Unbound: the Doctor lets Kronos exact revenge on the Master.

"The Three Doctors"
  • This whole black hole business doesn't quite fit with the origin of time travel told in The Deadly Assassin. In fact, there's no mention in the series that Omega and Rassilon were ever co-workers (both are famous, but so are Lord Nelson and King Arthur). 
  • Where was Yates during all this?
  • If all Time Lords were effected by the energy drain, what happened to the Master?
  • How does Omega survive?
  • At what points were the First and Second Doctors taken? Why aren't their memories erased?
  • Unbound: the Time Lords do not free the Doctor from his exile.
  • Unbound: forewarned, the Second Doctor makes sure he is never captured.

"Carnival of Monsters"
  • The Doctor's initial campaign against the miniscopes.
  • How did Vorg's friends get hold of a miniscope? How many others still exist?
  • Will Inter-Minor prevent revolution with entertainment? Will Zarb lose support given his brother nearly destroyed all life on the planet? Will further immigration be allowed given the Drashig crisis?
  • Will Vorg and Shirna stay on Inter Minor, assuming they are given the choice?
  • Unbound: Cybermen, Ogrons and/or Ice Warriors also escape from the Scope.

"Frontier in Space"
  • How the Doctor became a noble of the Fifteenth Emperor after curing a space plague.
  • The original Draconian war. How come the truth of the conflict never came to light?
  • Where did the Master get his fear-box?
  • At what point did the Master sign up with the Daleks?
  • What is the Beast of Scrotum Valley and why do the Ogrons worship it?
  • What will happen to the politicos on the lunar prison?
  • Is that redneck Texan senator calling for war an ally of the Master? Does he have agents on Draconia?
  • Will Williams and the Prince get back to civilization in time to stop war? Their ship was clearly more damaged than they thought and the pilot is dead...
  • What happened to the Master? Where was his TARDIS?
  • Unbound: the original idea for the Ogrons to be Cybermen.
  • Unbound: the Doctor regenerates from the gunshot wound.

"Planet of the Daleks"
  • When other times has the TARDIS Log come in handy?
  • What was Spiridon like before the Daleks bombed it back to the stone age?
  • Which Dalek was dubbed worthy of the asylum after this adventure? The ones in quarantine?
  • Why do Thal ships keep crashing? Are they being shot down? Is there something else that only allows Dalek ships to arrive on Spiridon safely?
  • Why don't the fungus plants attack Daleks?
  • Where are the Daleks based if not on Skaro?
  • What if anything can stop the Daleks landing en masse and defrosting the army? Are the Thals going to set up a blockade now they have Dalek technology to scavenge?
  • Unbound: Jo leaves with Latep.

"The Green Death"
  • What happens to Ellis?
  • What other life-forms could be mutated rather than killed by the green goo?
  • With Global Chemicals and the mine gone, how will Llanfairfach survive? Tremors-style using the giant maggots as a tourist draw?
  • Unbound: the Doctor agrees to go with Jo rather than to Metebelis III. With no crystal and no time for Jo to fall for Cliff Jones, how different will things transpire?
  • Unbound: the BOSS turns out to be the Master.

"The Time Warrior"
  • Sarah is an agent of the Brigadier, helping out but unaware that big-nose in the frilly shirt is also part of UNIT and bloody pissed off when she finds out. How did she first join UNIT and how did she fare in the training, (which we know she went through from the SJAs)?
  • The origins of Irongron and Bloodaxe, as they are deserters from the Crusades.
  • How does Linx work out how to pin-point kidnap people eight hundred years in the future? Isn't he worried about causing the history of Earth to collapse (and thus negating all the technology and help he needs to get his ship working?)
  • What happens to Bloodaxe and the others? Does Sir Edward hunt them down? Does Hal get involved and create the whole Robin of Sherwood stuff? Does this mean Sarah was Maid Marian?
  • Earth is now technically Sontaran property. Do they ever follow up on this? How do the Rutans cope with this, given Mutters' Spiral is their territory?

"Invasion of the Dinosaurs"
  • How did Yates come to work for OGA?
  • Is OGA another rogue Torchwood agency?
  • Did OGA and Linx encounter each other as they abducted individuals from each other's time zone?
  • How will the duped colonists cope with what has happened? Did the invasion occur or did Grover's tampering wipe out the last few weeks outside the bunker?
  • What happened to Grover, Whitaker and the others?
  • Unbound: Yates kills the Brigadier. Will the Doctor ever forgive him?

"Death to the Daleks"
  • Have the Exxilons taught other worlds too much? Will they create their own cities?
  • How will humanity react to the news the Daleks are so weakened they're relying on opportunistic blackmail? Is this the beginning of another Dalek war?
  • One of the Daleks on this planet was taken to the Dalek Asylum. Was it the suicidal one?
  • What happens to Exxilon? Does humanity strip-mine it for the plague cure? How can the savage Exxilons cope with the destruction of their city?
  • Unbound: the Doctor goes mad in the city and hallucinates the rest of the series.

"The Monster of Peladon"
  • Galaxy Five is controlled by Zephon's people. Are they always trying to take over the universe?
  • Eckersley is the Master, chameleon-arched.
  • Ortron's rise to power, his cruelty to Aggador and his reasons for not recognizing the Doctor even though they must surely have met before.
  • Unbound: the Doctor regenerates in this story. Well, if Mad Larry can get away with it...

"Planet of the Spiders"
  • The Doctor's investigation into psychics. How long has it been going? Does he completely abandon it when he regenerates? How many other genuine psis has he discovered?
  • Kanpo is the anti-Valeyard, a distillation of the good in the Doctor who has gone back in time to educate his past self. No, it doesn't work for me, either.
  • Are the spiders really mutated space lab rats with psychic intents or is that just their cover story and they are actually psychic demons summoned up by Lupton?
  • What happens to the Whomobile after this?
  • How do the humans at the meditation centre cope after the death of their spiders? Do Kanpo and Tommy help them come to terms with this?
  • How do the humans react to the destruction of the eight-legs? Does Metabelis III become civilized?
  • Unbound: Lupton is the Master.
  • Unbound: Tommy doesn't steal the crystal, the spiders destroy themselves and the Doctor doesn't die. Is this, in the long term, a good thing or a bad thing?


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