Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Doctor Who Derivativation # 2

"Power of the Daleks"
  • The capsule is sent by the Emperor at the outbreak of civil war in Evil of the Daleks.
  • The surviving colonists use Dalek technology to rebuild the colony, refusing to learn their lesson. It eventually goes bad and destroys the post-apocalyptic society.
  • The mining company sends in the armed forces to the suddenly-silent Vulcan and finds the colony being terrorized by the surviving Daleks.

"The Highlanders"
  • What is the Doctor up to? How was he able to buy weapons and get all the disguises? Has he been here before? Could River Song be helping him out?
  • Just how close were Jamie and Alex? How much does Jamie miss him?
  • How does Jamie survive in Scotland post-Culloden? Does he head for France after the others? Does Ffinch help him out?
  • Unbound: Ffinch joins the TARDIS instead of Jamie.

"The Underwater Menace"
  • What happens to the fish people?
  • How does the new Atlantis cope? Will Thous try and reintegrate with society? What about Sean and Jacko and all the other shipwrecked sailors?
  • What (if anything) did the Daemons have to do with Atlantis? Is this an offshoot of the other Altantis or the survivors of Kronos' rampage?
  • Is Zaroff really dead? How has his disappearance affected the Cold War (which it has, according to the Doctor)? Was he a contemporary of Stahlman?
  • Unbound: Polly becomes a fish.
  • Unbound: Ara, Sean and Jacko join the TARDIS crew.

"The Moonbase"
  • Why is security on the Moonbase so poor? Budget cuts or is the operation totally dodgy?
  • Hobson is under Cyber control and deliberately sabotaging events. Once the Cybermen are defeated, will he break free of his control?
  • Why is the CyberLeader Tarn so bloody sarcastic all the time? Defective? Are the Cyber conversion processes not as effective as before or are the Cybermen experimenting with emotions?
  • What happens to all the zombified humans? Can they be cured?
  • ISC/Torchwood decides to use gravitrons as anti-alien weapons.
  • The deflected Cyber-fleet crash back into planet 14/Telos.

"The Macra Terror"
  • How did the Macra take over the colony? Is this part of their invasion or are they native to the planet?
  • Are there any other colonies on the planet? Are the Macra still in charge there?
  • There are several missing adventures after this for Polly's hair to grow back and Jamie to stop being frightened of girls... are the two connected? How would Ben cope?
  • Unbound: Jamie is killed by the Macra and Ben is unable to be restored to normal.

"The Faceless Ones"
  • Crossland is working for Torchwood.
  • The Chameleons are the Andromedans from Star One.
  • What is the idea the Doctor has to help the Chameleons? Will they honor their bargain?
  • Unbound: Sam Briggs joins the TARDIS crew.
  • Unbound: Ben and Polly stay to help the Doctor and Jamie find the TARDIS.

"The Evil of the Daleks"
  • Jamie's previous encounter with the Daleks.
  • What happened to drive the Daleks to face extinction?
  • Is Skaro in the past or future? Where are the Thals? Were they wiped out?
  • How exactly did the Daleks take over Maxtible's house? Was it by chance or deliberate?
  • How did Terrall cope after his experience? What happened to Ruth and Molly?
  • The destruction of the city effect all the time machinery within, creating a gateway into a parallel timeline as seen in The Day of the Daleks.
  • What happened to Maxtible? Could he become the Golden Dalek?
  • Unbound: Ben and Polly are left in 1966 standing over a dead body when the police arrive. How do they get out of this one? Do they?
  • Unbound: the Doctor goes after the TARDIS instead of the special clues. Does he still get captured?

"The Tomb of the Cybermen"
  • Jamie and the Doctor have to teach Victoria how to put on modern clothes. What fun.
  • Parry informs the authorities of the Cybermen on Telos, leading to the alliance of Earthshock. Toberman is the malfunctioning CyberLeader in that story, hence his knowledge of the Doctor and the TARDIS.
  • The bizarre "traps" are to keep the Cryons at bay. Their guerilla attacks, combined with the failures on Earth, forced the Cybermen into hibernation.
  • What happens to the rest of the Brotherhood of Logicians? Are they all nuts or a legitimate group?
  • How did Parry get the map of Telos?
  • The Doctor has encountered Cybermats before.
  • How does the Controller survive this story? Does the Cybermat come in handy?
  • Unbound: the Doctor doesn't help Kleig. Do the tombs stay locked?

"The Abominable Snowmen"
  • The Second Doctor, Ben and Polly's original visit to Det Sen Monastry in 1630 where they saved the ghanta from bandits.
  • How did the Intelligence travel back in time? Did Padmasambahva catch it on the astral plane? Or was it captured by time travellers? Did an alien ship crash in the Himalayas? It would explain where the technology to build the Yetis came from (and how they get more advanced in modern times) as well as the goo machine for the Intelligence.
  • Torchwood India and Captain Jack were involved in the cleanup. How did Travers get past them with his sanity, memory and sexuality intact?
  • Did Travers catch a real Yeti? Given they're just wild animals, a cross between a lemur and gorrilla, it's entirely possible they were brought back to civilization as an exotic animal.
  • Travers finds out a lot about the TARDIS crew - obviously they spent a lot of time together.

"The Ice Warriors"
  • Civilization was ruined by the moronic Bracewell computer. Did Bracewell's Dalek programming take over, or was he so sickened by society after living for 3000 years he went crazy and tried to trigger an environmental apocalypse?
  • How did Varga's ship become marooned in a glacier and remain intact during multiple ice ages?
  • If this is the 51st Century, that could mean that Penly, Clent and Garrett are not just co-workers but involved in a sordid pansexual love affair. It also means Magnus Greel is in power on the other side of the planet. Are the scavengers and refugees being used for experiments?
  • Unbound: Clent summons contemporary Martians to negotiate with Varga, who is disgusted at his descendants' touchy-feely lack of bloodlust.
  • Unbound: Jamie was killed by the Ice Warriors. Does Penley choose to travel in the TARDIS?

"The Enemy of the World"
  • Why was Victoria dressed in Scottish kilt and tartan beret? Had they just been to modern-day Scotland?
  • Why did the Second Doctor never get mistaken for Salamander anywhere else? Are we supposed to believe that UNIT, et all, still functioning in 2013, would not notice a Patrick Troughton lookalike taking over the world for the next five years? Can this mean that when Salamander fell out of the TARDIS into the time vortex, he was erased from history and this story never happened?
  • Given that Gareth would become an expert in predicting natural disasters according to the Eighth Doctor in 2000, did he have something to do with this Eurozone political screw-up?
  • Unbound: the Second Doctor is left behind while Salamander travels with Jamie and Victoria.

"The Web of Fear"
  • How do the Yeti multiply? Are they transforming the missing people in the mist into Yeti, like in Downtime? That means that all the Yetis the army have been killing are actually British citizens...
  • What does London actually know about this mess? The Yeti stuff is mentioned as common knowledge, and Chorley would be bound to shoot his mouth off. Does Torchwood come to the rescue? Is it all blamed on the Russians and nerve gas? Isn't the Underground in ruins now?
  • Lethbridge Stewart and Evans meet up at the military funeral for all the dead soldiers. Evans declines a job at UNIT. Driver he is, see?
  • Why does Victoria think she met the Yeti in 1935, instead of 1930?
  • Unbound: the Intelligence wins. Is it magnanimous in victory or what?
  • Unbound: the Doctor's mind is drained. How do Jamie and Victoria cope?

"Fury from the Deep"
  • What are the weed creatures?
  • The weed creatures have attacked before and entered popular mythology. Has the Doctor encountered them before or since? Will they actually die out? Have the Silurians/Sea Devils fought with them before?
  • What happens to Oak and Quill?
  • What is the final goodbye like between the crew and Victoria?
  • Does Victoria get in touch with Travers and others she's met in contemporary England?
"The Wheel in Space"
  • What the fuck are the Cybermen up to? Did they really blow up a solar system to smuggle two soldiers aboard a space station? Why not blow up Earth's solar system and be done with it? Are they just taking credit for some other, unconnected natural disaster?
  • What happened to the crew of the Silver Carrier? Were they turned into the Cybermen?
  • What was the plan before Jamie interfered? How did the Security Robot fit into things?
  • Are there either wonderkids like Zoe? Is this brainwashing widespread enough to threaten society?
  • What happens to all the Cybermen flung into space? They've got to end up somewhere...
  • Unbound: Bennett destroys the rocket, killing the Doctor and Jamie but stopping the Cybermen. Or does he? There is the Cybership lurking, and cybermats already on the Wheel...

"The Dominators"
  • What happened in the Doctor's original visit to Dulkis? And was he asked to leave?
  • Do the Dulcians change their attitudes to mindless pacifism?
  • Is Kully a reincarnation of that bloke from Upper Leadworth?
  • The Quarks are a robot race enslaved by the Dominators. What if they gain the upper hand?
  • What happens to the rest of the Dominator fleet? If they're so energy-starved and desperate for fuel, they'll just storm Dulkis again, surely?
  • Unbound: a modern-day version with the Dominators as Greys lurking around the suddenly-non-radioactive ruins of Chernobyl and slaughtering a bus full of teenage tourists.

"The Mind Robber"
  • Was this all a dream?
  • Is Captain Jack Harkway any relation to Captain Jack Harkness?
  • Who built the computer? The Great Intelligence? Dalek tech? Why does it want to rule the universe?
  • What happens after the White Robots destroy the computer?
  • How is the Land of Fiction connected to the black and white voids?
  • Unbound: Gulliver's initial meeting with the Doctor suggests he is from the Land of Fiction, but ran out into the real universe to find a new origin story for himself...

"The Invasion"
  • The Doctor and Jamie's visit to Planet 14.
  • Vaughn's initial contact with the Cybermen. 
  • Isobel and Zoe take drugs, explaining their far out reckless behavior.
  • How does the world recover from a total blackout and all the Midwich-Cuckoo-style disasters that ensue? Who buys Isobel's photos of the dead Cybermen? The loss of IE, Vaughn and others must surely have huge repercussions?
  • What happens to Rutlidge and the other brainwashed humans?
  • Unbound: Isobel joins the TARDIS crew.

"The Krotons"
  • Kroton technology is based on System tech, like the Liberator - with its hexagon corridors, organic regrowing structure and literally-minded crystalline computer that telepathically links with pilots.
  • How many other worlds have been used as mental fuel for the Krotons?
  • Is the planet behind enemy lines for Krotons? Will the war front change and endanger the Gonds?
  • What happens to the Gonds with no guide to their civilization and all their science based on low-gravity planets when they live on a normal-sized one?
  • Unbound: the Krotons turn out to be Cybermen, completely different plague-wielding silver men.

"The Seeds of Death"
  • Is this moonbase built over the one Hobson used?
  • How did Eldred get the Doctor's astral map?
  • Eldred's perspective of the last human space travel from the moon to Earth.
  • Do the rainstorm get out of control like Jamie suggests?
  • What kind of problems will occur when T-mat techs are put out of jobs and have to retrain as space pilots? All over again?
  • Unbound: the TARDIS did land in space and the crew meet Yuri Gagarin.
"The Space Pirates"
  • What are the brushfire wars Caven speaks of?
  • Is Hermack in on the scam, given he's so utterly rubbish at catching space pirates?
  • What other life exists on Ta?
  • Clancy takes over the IMC and makes things much much worse.
  • Unbound: the TARDIS crew suffocate and a regenerated Doctor is rescued by Clancy.

"The War Games"
  • Blackadder, Baldrick, George and Darling are brought to the 1917 zone.
  • What happens to Lady Jennifer?
  • What happened to Ransome? Did Smythe have him killed?
  • Surely losing thousands of soldiers from both sides with no explanation would affect recorded history? Is this undone by the War Lord's dematerialization? If so, did any of this story happen apart from the last half of episode ten?
  • Did the Warlords approach the War Chief for help or visa versa?
  • Is Carstairs related to UNIT's Colonel Crichton?
  • Unbound: the Warlords use the neutron bomb to end the games, killing all the humans.
  • Unbound: the War Games are completed successfully and the army is used. Does it work?
  • Unbound: the Doctor leaves the soldiers to rot and travels on with Jamie and Zoe.


Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Listening to the audiobook of the Fury of the Deep Target novelisation did make me think of all the ideas you have down for it.

Lucifer's getting a sequel. Bugger.

Youth of Australia said...

You're forgetting all the good stuff about Lucifer.

Like the way it repeatedly denies any and all connection with Kaldor City, Logic of Empire or indeed anything non-BF.

My personal canon is that in actual fact a post-GP Avon has been plugged into virtual reality to try and find out where he left Orac. He resists and creates a bizarre narrative where he lives on a clearly-impossible floating island blowing the shit out of Fed troops (how he percieves the mind probe). The final bit where he locates Orac actually is him breaking down in the mind probe and his evil captors leave him plugged into the Matrix.

Just saying.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Now you're just making think that Orac is furiously tapping in the Konami Code to help Avon inside the computer, because, if Red Dwarf taught us anything, computers operate under computer game logic.

Youth of Australia said...

Well, they TRY to.

Anyway, how are you going, friend? Fancy a direct email convo or shall we stick to commenting on the blog?