Monday, September 12, 2011

FFS Spara!

Yes, despite hopes he was killed in the chav riots earlier the year, the emperor is back showing his clear empathy once again...

Is Rory too emotional in the episode?

Towards the end of the story, Rory was crying and emotional. This was rather odd behaviour. Surely Rory would not be in too minds about it. Also Rory, as an heterosexual male, would not even consider saving the old haggard Amy when he has the nubile younger version at hand.

(The inevitable-bordering-on-ceremonial accusation of trolling.)

No. I come here to engage in discussion and analysis of Doctor Who episodes not to engage in trolling. The fact that some of my observations produce a mixed reaction is due to the wide variety of different kinds of people that post on this site.


I am not trying to be deliberately controversial, just to tell it as it is. You'd have to scrape the whole world to find a straight man who would swap his young, attractive girlfriend for a middle aged past-its-best-before-date version.

(It is pointed out that this still counts as murder.)

It isn't nasty at all. This old Amy was a rather bitter woman. Why would the younger version of Amy want her older self hanging about? Rory would surely not want the hassle either.

(It is suggested the emperor is a bit touched in the head.)

This is news to me. I don't remember anything in previous episodes to suggest that Rory has aspergers.

(The suggestion is clarified until even spara understands it.)

Bizarre comment.

(It is pointed out that Rory is capable of more than blind lust.)

Rory clearly loves Amy yes. Because he finds her attractive as she is young and hot.

(Yet Rory has loved her when she wasn't young and hot.)

True, however he was also attracted to her. Would Rory have fallen for her had she looked like Olive in 'On the Buses'?

(What about their life-long love affair AS SHOWN ON SCREEN LESS THAN A MONTH AGO?!?)

True, however at that point in their lives they were just friends. This only turned to love later.

My original point is simply that it is hard to believe that Rory would have considered saving the old Amy above the young one as its not how lads behave. Look at Rod Stewart for example. He regularly trades in blonde wives/girlfriends for nubile younger versions.

(Rory isn't Rod Stewart.)

This may be the case however my point is that he fell in love with Amy as she is now ie young not some fifty-something verson of her.

(Excuse me, he's NOT Rod Stewart!)

My point about Rod Stewart is a valid one. I'm not suggesting that Rod represents all heterosexual males or even the average one. However there are a considerable number of blokes who admire men like him who have the wealth and success to upgrade their wives/partners to younger ones.

(What is it with you and Rod Stewart?!)

The point I am trying to make is not about Rod Stewart's appearance or music. Whatever you think about him the fact is that he represents what most straight blokes aspire to; success, money, cars and attractive young women. If you asked Rod to choose between a date with an ageing woman in her 60s or a blonde 25 year old he'd choose the latter.

(Who cares about Rod? We're talking about Rory!)

My point is that psychological studies have shown that blokes are much more motivated by a woman's looks. The average lad on a building site does not spend his time contemplating the true meaning of love. He likes football, watching 'Top Gear' and basically wants to bed as many women as possible.

(Rory is not Rod Stewart, not is he a lad on a building site.)

Rory is a straight guy. He does love Amy however the emotional way that he dealt with having to choose between her and an older version just seemed rather odd.

(What is wrong with you?!?!)

Rory's behaviour is not easy to understand in that he would obviously want to save his Amy ie the young one and would not agonise over the matter. His agonising is simply a symptom of over-emotionalism in Nuwho. The Brigadier would have told him to pull himself together in the classic series.

(The Brigadier is a soldier from the 1970s. Rory is a 21st century nurse.)

OK I accept that you make a valid point here ie that Rory working in a caring profession may have made him more sensitive and emotional or may just reflect these qualities that he already had. He's still a lad though.

(He's a 2000+ year old Roman soldier who has lost his daughter.)

OK, I'll give you another example: Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones.

(Do you stereotype homosexuals to this degree?)

I do not think in stereotypes. I've pointed out earlier in this thread that I'm not saying all blokes are the same, just that Rory should behave like a typical example. I accept that this may seem, on the surface, to be contradictory, but any psychologist will tell you the same.

(What? All men are dickheads so Rory should be too?)

I am not claiming that all men are "dickheads" as you term it. I am simply pointing out that straight men, on average, tend to be less open about their emotions than women. Rory clearly loves the young Amy and because he ended up saving her in the end he would be unlikely to be upset about the old Amy.

(Is this going to be another "DW Character Must Be Gay Because Heteroes Have No Self Control" thread like his one about every Doctor, Master, UNIT grunt and male companion?)

Rory isn't gay. Also I do not think he would want a three in a bed romp with both versions of Amy as I think he would find the experience disturbing and overwhelming.

(The Emperor's ignoring the clear evidence otherwise proves he's a "Freudian Test Case".)

Odd comment. I've never studied psychology so have no idea why I should be linked to Freud and his theories. I understand that his great- grandson runs a PR company and is friends with David Cameron and Jeremy Clarkson.

(You disgust me, you troll.)

I am not a troll. As I understand it an internet troll is a nasty person who sets out to provoke others into anger in order to derive some kind of pleasure. Wheras I promote lively intellectual analysis of Doctor Who episodes. On the same note, I noticed today that some chap has been jailed for trolling on the internet, which seems rather harsh although he was apparently posting some sick stuff.

(Thread locked.)

Yes, bitches, he's back.

Me? I liked it a lot more than Night Terrors, which my parents dubbed the worse thing since Mel began a screaming competition for Season 24...


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Having now seen the episode, his argument is even more [most] bizarre.

Strange that he talks about pscyhological studies in one breath and then in the next admits that he knows nothing about the field at all..

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Oh yeah, the episode was pretty damn good - especially considering that it was written by Tom "FROM BEYOOOND THE GRAAAVE" MacRae (Yes, I know he didn't write that line - it just remains the most memorable bit of the ep) who I had unfairly written off.

The one problem sadly for my family was a big one - the ending emo stuff went that bit too long, both the conversation between the two Amys and then the farewell through the TARDIS doors. Good premises for scenes, good moments... but they just didn't seem to end. Took all the wind out of the story right at the end..

Also, my mum pointed out that the facility didn't really make much sense..

Youth of Australia said...

Heh. "Most bizarre". Haven't read that in a long time. LBC's been vanished since before Easter...

What did you think of the episode itself? Oh wait, you just said.

My parents thought it was lightyears in quality above last week's. Me? I'm wondering why old Amy is fat if there's nothing to eat... oh, and liking the anchor and waterfall nicknames for time being steady and out of control respectively.

As for the ending, I was expecting some kind of dramatic showdown between the Doctor and the Ponds, sort of "You fuck up Melody and now THIS?! WHY DO WE HANG ROUND YOU ANY MORE?" (which is a scene Moff's hinted at will be coming along very soon).

My personal theory is that the ending was padded out because they had to balance out cutting a long scene where Rory ogles the boobs of his wives, as part of the "eyes front" running gag. Or maybe Rory-bot going evil. Or something.

And, oh look, ANOTHER alien monster army requiring a cast of fit young women. What a surprise...