Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why, God, WHY?!?

For fuck's sake!

I finally get a date with a hot blonde chick willing to look past my innumerable physical and mental problems and what happens five minutes before? My bank account gets skimmed leaving me with on twelve bucks to my name - that ruined my cunning plan of being a gentleman capable of paying for coffee for her! And also cut the date short coz you gotta go straight to the bank to cancel my card and start the investigation to get my hard-earned three grand back!

I mean, wasn't creating those caterpillar-raping wasps and ovarian cysts enough for you o Lord? Causing my cousin's lung to rot inside her? Giving my best friend violent epilepsy? Killing all my animals one by one? Allowing Doctor Who to be ruined forever? AND NOW YOU DO THIS!!!

I tell you, there better be proper security on the pearly gates coz I'm thinking home invasion. Let's see your divinity shine through when I'm forcing you, your son and the holy ghost into a human pyramid at gunpoint you massive bastard! I've got Rik Mayall and Robin Williams on my side, so you're pretty much screwed!


And now, the video youtube banned.

Yes. Into the Dalek through the lens of Archer Vice.

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