Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm Doing Better Than Robin Williams...

...which is a sad thing to say.

So. Yeah. Getting better. Calmer, no longer gripped with paranoia and desperate to die just to escape the existential horror of murder, abandonment and incredibly-addictive feminist sitcoms (how addictive? I wrote fan fic for it, for crying out loud! Though kudos for me NOT simply describing hot lesbian sex betwixt the characters like 98% of everyone else on fanfic.net...). So, while I still feel strangely lost and unloved as if the world ended but no one else got the memo, I'm not totally shattered.

My dad's got through serious surgery well, both my cats are alive and well, my mum's recovered from pneumonia, and reviewing Deep Breath suggests it's not QUITE the abomination I instinctively felt. Mind you, The Twin Dilemma grew on me, so...

Hell, I got banned from Gallifrey Base AGAIN and I'm not feeling too down. (And, for once, I feel I'd have a case to protest the decision as the "personal attack" was a lolcats meme posted in good spirit to someone I actually like on the forum)

Just not sure what to post. Let's be honest here, dear reader, this is no longer the internet hotspot it once was. Without raving nutters spamming everything and jihads against Ben Chatham, it seems no one is really interested in this unusually pointless blog. At least not enough to post.

And this isn't some passive-aggressive bitching... not much... but a statement of fact. Is there any point blogging if no one reads it? If no one gains enjoyment of it? If my lengthily-composed copyright-violating music vids gain no accolades? It's not as if my obituary salutations are up to much in the first place.

I dunno what's worth posting now, anyway. The surprisingly-soothing mental discipline of reviewing 2BG episodes (a show that is depressingly LESS popular than Josh Thomas' Please Like Me nasally self-pitying half-hour), or perhaps bigging up that Sylvest McCoy annual my own dreams were mocking as pathetic?


Maybe my subconscious had a point.

I dunno. Maybe it's time to let this old blog gather dust and become a forgotten oddity in some corner of the internet, like all the others. Nothing lasts forever - look at poor Robin Williams.

ETA: this is neither rhetorical nor is this a spectator sport. Goddamnit, comment already!


Matthew Blanchette said...

Don't let it die. We love you, Ewen. :-(

Youth of Australia said...

Thanks, dude. Just kind of at my wit's end at the moment.

Matthew Blanchette said...

Completely understand. Really wish I could give you support in person, right now... :-(

Youth of Australia said...

It's OK, I was expecting online support so you're doing just what I wanted.

*tries not to laugh evilly*


*awkwardly exits*

Anonymous said...

Please use Robin Williams as a role model.

Youth of Australia said...

You mean be a nice person who brings joy to others with his incredible intelligence and wit?

Good advice.

Unless you mean become the host of the Science Show on Radio National.

Which is also an option, I guess.

Cameron Mason said...

Why not show us how it's done Ron, then we can decide for ourselves if it's worthwhile...

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

I would kill myself, but, much like you, I enjoy sex too much.

Youth of Australia said...

Though unlike him, you're not alone at the time.

And, yeah, Harley Quinn is no longer welcome to post here. I'm sure he'd be thrilled as punch if trolls started telling his children to kill themselves.

To quote that show he hates, "With that sentence you just lost the right to even talk to me."