Friday, August 9, 2013

NB is dead

 Non-Blaize-Glory "NB" Campion
28/11/1998 - 6/8/2013 
A Better Friend Than We Deserved
(Also Actually Alive During That Photo)

What else is there to say?

I've known her more than half my life.

And, seriously, who gives a shit? I mean, why am I even updating this blog? I don't have anything worth saying, and I've long run out of anyone to slag off. Who cares if I have a cunning idea of what Clara was up to on Logopolis wrapped in lots of toilet paper? Who cares about me being mugged by a broken-toothed Lebanese shop girl accusing me of have eccsma (how DO you spell that?)? And does anyone actually enjoy those music videos I labor over?

Peter Capaldi's the new Doctor, John Hurt's the old, Lucifer is unreadable, the Ice Warriors animation has some of the crudest youtube shit you'd be ashamed to look at, GB fandom has become the scum that RTD took the piss out of in Love & Monsters, Julia Gillard has been ousted allowing the ABC to sabotage my favorite show of the year (Adam Hills & The Princess Bride) and replaced it with the televisual equivalent of what made Rorsach lose his shit in Watchmen.

Do I even have anything worth filling the internet up with any more?

Somehow, I rather doubt it.

NB demonstrates her cunning grasp of camouflague in non-combat suitations.


Persona Herein said...

Damn. Sometimes there aren't words.
Putting down my cat was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

(There's a mad conspiracy theory involving Dad's Army and that three tons of film: Ian Levine's sounding increasingly frantic about offloading JNT scripts that even he doesn't want any more. Not much chance Australia's going to lose this Test Match. Stuff does keep happening, as inappropriate as it is to be doing so.)

Youth of Australia said...

Yes, stuff does keep happening, but at the moment it doesn't seem worthy of the honor.