Monday, August 12, 2013

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My previous odds on animating missing episodes worked on the idea that facial/lip-synch was harder to do than action scenes - for example, surely it must be easier to do a cartoon of the Doctor riding Arthur the horse through a mirror into a ballroom full of clockwork robots than it would be to do Rose and Reneitte's little heart-to-heart? Well, The Ice Warriors sure shows me the opposite is true. Talking heads are apparently a piece of piss to do in comparison to any kind of movement demanding more than Captain Pugwash/Terrance and Phillip style stick figure movement. This is all the more amazing considering the Jackie-Chan-style fight Ian Chesterton puts up in The Reign of Terror.

Still, you be the judge. I'm too busy being heartbroken.


Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Is this actually what's going to be on the Ice Warriors DVD?

Youth of Australia said...

Well. In a way. That's a colour-tinted speed-adjusted music vid by myself USING what IS on the DVD (and has just been released, hence my diabolical diogenic dabblings).

All I can say is it looks really good until anyone has to move from the neck down. And presumably it's cheaper and easier than the frame-by-telesnap frame of Tenth Planet.