Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beginning of Part Two

Yes, another bloody video. It's easier than writing, OK? Anyway, this is a mark of respect to the comedy stylings of End of Part One - a turn-of-the-decade British skit show that is the missing link between The Goodies and The Young Ones, and whose DNA stretches back to Do Not Adjust Your Set and forward to One Foot In The Grave, taking in everything from Alexei Sayle and Jonathon Creek in between. This clever, fun and at times monumentally brutal surrealism has helped me get through the last few weeks of sickness, bereavement, work training lectures on proper resume attachments, and black outs.

This unfairly forgotten and even more unfaily neglectly work contains wit, charm, sophistication...

...and three other words I had to look up in the dictionary!

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