Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Blinkered Vision: Seattle International Films

These are the infamous American Doctor Who fan film franchise that were mistaken for the genuine TV series and thrived for a decade on public access TV. With a level of fun and narrative competence the real show was struggling to provide at the time (Terror of the Vervoids achieved it, natch, and it is a spiritual soulmate to these films - in all the good ways), it eschewed continuity-fests, acid baths and a script editor who hated the main character for something slightly more imaginative and original.

(Unsurprisingly, the DWM review hated them - refusing even to watch the first episode properly. Mind you, considering they considered the peak of fan films to be The Millennium Trap solely because there wasn't a single thought in it that hadn't been sucked from the marrow of "golden era" Doctor Who and had UNIT fighting Daleks in black and white...)

So, what follows are the surviving stories of Seattle International Films, starring the late Barbara Benedetti as the titular seventh incarnation of the Time Lord.

Did I mention they had a female Doctor?


The Doctor is a woman now - women are cool.

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