Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mixed Signals

Well, Kyron really is the master of the conflicting message, is he not?

He posts quite clearly:

If you're a fan of Retro Television then please visit Retroz TV Forum: Where I make the rules.
So I register under the cunning pseudonym of "NotDavidRestal" and pleasantly start posting. I chip in my opinion on the great sci-fi shows, the latest health of Judi Dench, my memory of Countdown Classics, a defense of TISM, an interesting point about missing DW episodes...

No fighting. No aggro. No criticising of anyone for their opinion.

So there I am, effortlessly clocking up 44 posts (and becoming the second-most frequent poster on the entire forum) when I noticed the "humor" section requires a password. So, spotting that the Silver Smurfer is in town, popped him a very cordial email asking for instruction and noting that some of the layouts are a bit dodgy.

The next thing I know, I'm banned!

Not a word of explanation - even Steve Hill explains WHY!

After I was invited there as well!

I can't even view the forum at all, and Ron - in his clear moral superiority - has altered his blog so no one can post a comment there! It's as though, having realized he's on to a complete loser when his argument skills couldn't defeat Joshua Wynne after a Hannah-Murray-related stabbing incident, has retreated from the world of mortals.

Just like I said he had, right at the beginning.

Unless, of course, old Matty Matt Mattster is prepared to post a comment here to explain the situation. I, after all, am brave enough to let people comment on my territory.

If I can make my point in your territory imagine what I could do in my own. You are welcome to try.

And I did. Guess some people couldn't cope when their bluff is called.

Oh well, now we've established Mallet as the cowardly immoral cheat we assumed him all to be, I can get on with the good stuff.

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