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The Chatham That Wasn't

The brain-exploding ORIGINAL ending to the last BC story now reprinted here for the first time. You thought the ending where Eccleston didn't regenerate was awesome, well, that's just peanuts compared to this...

OK folks, here is the next part of this story, inspired by the best eras of Doctor Who.


Ben stares at the possessed boy as the wind howls outside:
“Then tell us your knowledge now. What are the secrets of the Clanac Empire? And who are these ‘Dark Ones’?”
The boy stares at Ben:
“Many centuries ago we visited your world. Our Empire was based on the provision of enlightenment and knowledge and we were eager to seek out new frontiers to expand to and develop. We were not a culture of conquest but a culture of mutual benefit. At the time we the Clanac elders had just entered the stage of deliverance.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Katie feistily asks:
“We had found a way to transcend death & exist as pure mental energy. Our scientists had discovered the crystal caves and unlocked the inner energy of the crystals. The crystals enabled us to abandon our dying bodies . They also brought us the ultimate in self-development ; it seemed that all our negative qualities that our culture had suppressed but never destroyed, such as hate and anger, just disappeared from our thoughts. All that remained was…. Was love.”
“Far out man!” Jake comments. The Clanac continues:
“We came here to give your primitive culture a helping hand. We brought knowledge and wisdom to one of your early civilisations; you know it as Atlantis. Our hope was that the Atlanteans would spread this wisdom all over the earth and that in time this planet would join our Empire. We even brought some of the crystals here and hid them in various locations around the globe such as this cave; our gift to you.”

Jake lights a spliff and plays ‘Atlantis’ by Donovan on his guitar. Ben is irritated:
“Jake, please refrain from that. *to the Clanac* None of this explains why your Empire collapsed or why you have taken over those boys. Please explain these matters.”
“Forgive us. We occupy these bodies as a mode of communication. The earth boys are quite unharmed. We need to warn you of the dangers of the crystals. As long as they remain buried they are safe. Away from fresh air & sunlight . However your people found these crystals and several were removed from the site.by your archaeologists.”
“So what? We needed to analyse them properly” Jed comments.
“What we Clanac didn’t realise was that all that negative energy inside us had to go somewhere. It was taken within the crystal itself, amplified and then eventually thrown out in the form of destructive energy and the Dark Ones. They are our inner hatreds made massive. Our Empire collapsed because of violent destructive weather, explosions and …. And the monsters that the negative energy gave force to. Whole planets were ripped apart.”
“And now this destruction is starting here” Ben says in horror as the wind outside gets stronger and uproots another tree.

Meanwhile, in the village, an elderly couple are driving down the road as the wind gets stronger.
“This wind is getting worse Percy” the woman says. Suddenly they see a fallen tree in front of them and Percy stops the car.
“We’ll have to walk the rest of the way Mabel. Then phone the bobbies about this tree”. Another telephone pole blows down.
“This is like in the war Percy. We was happy then. I remember when the jerries dropped that bomb on the gasworks and they brought all them bodies out. Some had no ’eads left on. And all we ad to eat was a tin of sardines a month but we was happy”.
“They were good old days Mabel, none of them hoodies about.”
As they get out of the car, a sense of deep fear grips them as a dark shadow approaches. The shadow envelopes them and rips them to shreds. Then it advances towards the pub………”

Back at the Centre, things are tense.
“So what the bloody hell do we do then. Just sit here & wait to bloody die?” Jim Harries exclaims. Ben takes charge:
“I suggest we keep calm. We need a considered strategy or otherwise the earth is indeed doomed”………..

………….. To be continued.

OK folks, here is the long awaited next part of this well-recieved and quintessientially English story.


The dark shadows strike the centre as the rain pours down from the swirling angry clouds overhead. The doors smash open and Jed shouts: "We cannot stay here and die! We must evacuate to somewhere we can be safe!"
"There is nowhere we can go that's safe! Kindly keep up with events, " Ben shouts, his dark eyes afire with intelligence and keen thought.
"We must place the crystals underground to nullify the haromics of the crystal energy." the possesed children chant.
"And how the bloody ell are we gonna do that?!" demands Jim. "Your the ones who made these monsters, you can be the ones that they deal with first !"
The big Yorkshireman grabs the two childrten by the scruffs of their necks and marches them to the gaping front door where the dark ones are hissing and spitting hungrilly. "Jim," Ben protests, "there must be some other way!" Katie is more practical:
"They're going to die anyway! We must use this time Jim's bought us to get all the crystals together and hide them."
"If we can just get them back into the caves, the superdensity of the walls will be able to block their signals," Ben deduces.
"You're amazing Ben," marvels Korrine Shaw, thinking longingly of holding him tightly against her. "You've saved the world!"
"Hang about!" shouts Jed, jealous of all the attention his friend from college has recieved, "He hasn't saved anything yet.... we have still got to the crystals all the way to the cave, even with those monsters and the weather! And remember, this whole area is biult on unstable mine-workings and could collapse at any minute. Now let's do something sensible and useful," he says, starting to pack all the crystals into a box.
Shakey Jake nods and plays "Hurdy Gurdy hurdy gurdy mushroom man" on his guitar.
"Oh, Jake, that's not helpful at all," Ben reproves him. "If it weren't for your cool head and undoubted scientific skills, I'd sometimes wonder what use would you be to us! Now go and help Jed and the others!"
Such is the authority in Ben's sweet voice that Jake automatically obeys.
But then Jim returns with the two boys. "This is all nothing but rubbish!" the instructor says, "the storm has gone and so have all the monsters. I don't think any of this was real. These boys are on drugs and you're all daft silly buggers to have fallen for it! Let me tell you summit........"
When suddenly the shadows appear all around him; suddenly Jim's throat is ripped open by invisible claws and hot red artereal blood starts to gush down his neck and the children's eyes melt in their sockets. The Dark Ones chitter and chatter as the three of them jerk on the spot, blood gushing from their noses and mouth before falling over.
"Quick," says Ben cleverly, "let's get out of here. It's horrible, I know, but nothing more can be done for them!"
But Jed refuses to listen to Ben's wise advice and keeps trying to pack the crystals. Suddenly, a Dark One appears right in front of him and rips open Jed's stomach, and he falls to the ground, blood mingling with the dirt and rainwater.
"Nooooooooooo" shouts Katie, seeing the second man in her life she has ever loved dying at her shoes. All her fiesty reserve crack under the pressure, as for a long moment she sees the life with Jed she could never have, the love they could no longer know, the family they would never make, the gentle, tender love-making they would have experienced had the fickle finger of fate not ended it all. She falls to her knees and wails in despair.
"Leave her to die!" shouts Korrine while everyone starts to run for their lives.
"She's one of my team!" Ben shouts back, tears running down his smoothe cheeks as he sees another friend dead and his strong woman friend sobbing pathetically. "I must try and do something!"
Katie cradles Jed's lolling head, sticky with hot blood as the Dark Ones get closer.
"Ben!" says Paul Farraday as he runs off, "you are too valuable! You can't lose everything!"
Ben accepts the argument and turns away, knowing that for the rest of his life he will be haunted by a sense of guilt, that somehow he could be responsible for what happened to Katie Ryan, the strongest woman he ever met.
Just as the shadow wraiths close in on Katie, who is now lost in her own private hell, mouth open and drooling, the invisible claws reach out to cut out her broken heart. When suddenly, all the shadows glow red and turn to dust, letting out gibbering shrieks. Ben runs back to investigate the sound, his curiousity and bravery giving strength to his perfect body. He returns to the main room to see........

………….. To be continued.

OK folks, here is the spectacular epic conclusion of this terrifying and socially-relevent story.


Ben sees what has destroyed the Dark Ones.....
.......K9! And Kyle!
"Where on Earth have you two been?" demands Katie fiestily, putting the death of Jed behind her.
"We've been down in the pub," Kyle explains. "These monsters, they were tearing up the joint, but our little tin dog here can fire microwave rays that turn them to dust, like!"
"Yes, show a little respect Katie," Ben scolds her. "I sent Kyle and K9 down to the pub myself. I knew these crystals belonged to the Clanac due to their special size and shape . In nature no crystals are identical like these are, so I knew the truth. I used the special etheric distress signal the Doctor built into K9 so I could summon him back to Earth to deal with this crisis. The art of leadership is knowing when to delegate to the proper agencies."
Katie is upset at Ben's critisim of her, but refuses to let it show. "Well, where is that silly boy with his floppy hair then? He's probably refusing to help!"
"Untrue!" Ben snaps. "The Doctor and I have a special relationships and he would never betray my trust!"

As if to prove Ben's words right, there is a familiar noise and the TARDIS reappears in the corner of the centre. The door opens and the Doctor steps out. "Ben my bruvva, like, how are you?" he grins and shakes Ben's hand, while Ben looks at the Doctor in surprise:
"Doctor. You've changed!"
"Like, what? My face?"
"No your clothes! You were wearing some generic everyouth black garb before."
"Oh yeah, like. I changed my outfit, try and show my age and stuff. Works wild on the babes, you know? Yay, Amy," the Doctor shouts into the TARDIS. "Come on out, babe, and check out Ben!"
A redhead in a jumper and miniskirt steps out, smoking a cigarette. "Yeah, so, like, what?" As she sees Ben, her eyes widen in amazement. "Oh, like, wow! You're Ben Chatham, right! You are so cool!" She runs over to him and runs her hands over his smoothe body, as if to prove she isn't dreaming. "You're like amazing!"
"Didn't I tell you, like?" asks the Doctor. "I know all the wicked posse!"
Amy nuzzles Ben's neck. "Oh, like, wow. I would do anything for an autograph, you get my drift? Doesn't have to be on a piece of paper or nothing either..."
Katie shoves Amy away from Ben. "Get away from him, you slut!"
"Eh, Katie, babe," the Doctor protests. "She's just saying hello, like?"
"Please, let's not have another fight over me," says Ben, weary of the constant demands for his affection.
Katie glares at Amy and Amy blows cigarette smoke at her.

"Doctor, these Clanac crystals are dangerous. They are causing mass climate change and much collatoral damage, even civilian casualties," Ben explains as the Doctor looks around the room, bored. "You need to get these crystals away from the planet as quick as possible."
"Aw, Ben, my man, that sucks," the Doctor whines. "I've got parties to go and, like, Amy's new and I need to show her the seven wonders of the universe. Why do I have to be the one, like? Can't Torchwood do it?"
"Torchwood has been closed down," Paul Farrady explains. "That's why Operation: Delta is now the final authority in all non-extraterrestrial matters on Earth."
The Doctor pouts and kicks something. "All right, like, but just because it's YOU, like, Ben. Come on, babe," he tells Amy and they head for the TARDIS. Amy is despondant:
"Aw, but, like, couldn't Ben come with us? That would be well wicked, that would! It'd be mental!"
"I'm sorry, but I have responsibilites to Earth," Ben says nobly. "My time aboard the TARDIS is long past, and I must appreciate the life I have here with my friends Kyle, Jake and my nephew Craig."
"Well, if you ever need some comfort," Amy says, stroking his arm, "you can always call."
"Young woman, I am gay," Ben says wittily.
"So? I'm, like, bissexual," the girl tells him.
"Oi, babe! Come on," the Doctor shouts. "Don't make me spank your ass!"
Smiling coyly, the girl follows the Doctor inside the TARDIS and it leaves.

The TARDIS reappears in the wreckage of a spaceship called The Byzantine, lying on a barren alien world. The Doctor and Amy emerge and the Doctor throws the crystals under the ruins. "Like, here's one place those crystal won't be able to do any more harm, right?" he explains to Amy, who isn't listening. "There's no one on this planet to hurt."
"Whatever," Amy says. "Why did you come here like, anyway?"
"Cause this is a rondevouz with my bitch, River Song! Hey, look, there she is! Yay!"
The Doctor runs off while Amy rolls her eyes and throws away her still-burning cigarette.

Immediately after the TARDIS goes, the storm ends and the sun starts to rise, lighting up a new day. "You've saved the whole world from suffering the fate of Atlantis," Paul Farrady observes cogently. "If you hadn't identified the crystals and contacted the Doctor, the Dark Ones would have killed us all or even drowned us in a massive flood."
"Yeah, Ben, you see?" says Kyle. "You can still make a difference."
Ben, reassured by the faith others have in him, can only blush as Korrine ruffles his hair and the other start to sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow", with Jake accompanying everyone on his guitar.

.......................the END

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