Sunday, February 17, 2008

You May Have Heard Of Me... My Name Is Blake

The latest email was the last he expected to see. Were his still-sleepy eyes playing tricks? He clicked the cursor over the offending new message, simultaneously deleting six spam emails offering various pharmaceutical deals and personal organ enhancement offers.

There could be no mistake.

The sender was none other than Neil Blissett, the topic unambiguously "B7 Sequel Project", and the message:

Hi Everyone
Just to let you all know I have just uiploaded a Sequel Project update, episode 609: Retribution written by Ewen. It's a good read. Series 7 is coming.

He let the message linger on the screen, the email file changing from bold text to normal as the computer realized the email had been read and no longer needed to be emphasized. A thought emerges from the shock:

That link at the bottom of the blog actually works...

Then another:

Guess I better finish Nexus.

Then another:

Should I tell him about Deciet?

Then finally:

Wait a minute, he's put up the crappy first draft, not the perfect version up on this very blog.

And so he sat, wondering what to do. So he went shopping, for supplies were low and animals hungry. But he'd be back....

This episode fit well with what I had in mind but couldn't quite work out how to do. It's given me a few ideas and the second episode of series 7 will now be slightly different to what I intended before I read this.

Overall a good character driven episode that manages to bring in all the crew and even allows a cameo appearance by Avon. The relationship between Blake and the others reaches breaking point with even Soolin considering abandoning him, only for circumstances to bring them back together. The emotional appeal by Avon means that Blake can now count more on the crew, a situation that will continue until the end of series 6.


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

I notice that the episode is written by 'Ewen'... have you become like 'Madonna'?

Anyway, I suppose I should retractt 10% of my mocking, mildly-derisive allusions toward Neil. Especially as I still haven't finished my ep.

Youth of Australia said...

Well, since he's spelling "Ewen" correctly and using the proper version I sent, I kinda called it quits.

How is your ep going? "Grey Areas", isn't that the title?

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Yeah, that's the one. Haven't done that much since we last talked about it - lots of bits scattered through the episode. I've probably got about half an ep.

The idea of the episode was to have one that focused on the Federation, as I noticed that the actual series had quite a lot of them (generally written by Boucher) but the Sequel Project, for whatever reason, didn't seem to have any.

Youth of Australia said...

A kind of "Blake lite" ep, huh?

Well, it sounds great.

Still working out whether or not I should tell Niel "Final Maneuvers is SHIT, this is better!"...

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Still working out whether or not I should tell Niel "Final Maneuvers is SHIT, this is better!"...

Possibly a little more diplomatic than that?

Youth of Australia said...