Friday, June 12, 2015

Of Course!!!

I considered many a topic for this post. The demise of the MX, the deaths of Christopher Lee and Ron Moody and James Last, the heartbreak of Journey's End (seriously, you'd never find Moffat do something that epic - he had to invent three brand new characters for Day of the Doctor because he didn't have anyone to bring back...) or even the fact I've finished novelizing two, count them two, PMG audios. Maybe even the mysterious Mardi Knopfler who's linking me up to anti-NuWho facebook groups as some kind of pagan sacrifice to the great god Kyron.

But no, what I feel needs to be posted is the following image from a comic book which shows how insular and skeptical society has become since the 1960s when everyone was open-minded enough for this panel to comprise serious science fiction.

. . . OF COURSE!!

And people today bitch about moon-eggs and magical forests...


Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

They mean to win Wimbledon!

Youth of Australia said...

All Sensorites look the same!

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

That Doctor Who robot looks nothing like Doctor Who... what, no-one else is mentioning it? It must be a trick, I'll pretend I don't notice the obvious difference as well.

Youth of Australia said...

He's got a fucking zipper in his forehead, Sarge! Why do I have to go on the beat with him after the last twelve of his partners were found missing their internal and external organs?

Oh yeah, letting Jimmy Saville off with a caution. Fair enough Sarge.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Fucking Saville.

Fucking Harris.

Youth of Australia said...

Yeah. I mean, I've had a soft spot for Harris - different times/social standards/just slightly under age and let's face it he's not Jimmy "Jack the Ripper Had Nothing On Me" Saville - but now he's writing these bitchy songs.

Even his worst detractors never said he was this much of a fuckwit.

Innocence died, man! 500 years after the Magna Carta!


Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

Maybe he's just implementing a scorched-Earth policy.

Youth of Australia said...

I guess he doesn't expect to survive another five years in jail.

Well, not without his wobble-board.

Miles Reid-Lobatto said...

He's hoping the Rolfaroo will bust him out, but it stopped returning his calls and is now hiding out with Skippy.

Youth of Australia said...

Ah! Skippy's got a tattoo and he's gone and shaved his head
He's dating wallabies half his age and getting them into bed
He says his old friends are all miserable picks
They're married now or dead or gone all mentally-sick

Skinhead Skippy, the skinhead kangaroo
With buff-polished leather boots and a racist attitude!
Skinhead Skippy, the racist kangeroo
With blood-soaked front paws and he's gonna come for you...