Friday, August 15, 2008

Spoof artwork

Having finished tackling Saward's version of episode fourteen of Trial of a Time Lord and ninety-nine out of the first one hundred BFs, the time has come to coggitate and here I repost some cover artwork I did for my Eighth Doctor spoofs. For reasons of good taste, the covers for Embrace the Darkness and Neverland will NOT be posted. Even though I actually finished Neverland's.

AKA The Creed of the Kromon. I can honestly say that had the Fist team been added to the script, even if the script was unchanged in every other respect, it would be made of awesome.

See, cause I noticed that The Twilight Kingdom was a bit like B7: Rescue which has a Sea Devil monster in it for no good reason and... forget it.

Should have used different colours for this Scherzo-parody, still...

My first effort. Went downhill from hereon in.

Traditional slagging off of Rob Shearman. (Just joking Rob, you know that. Right?)

Yeah. Didn't quite work, did it? Still, YOU try dealing with a fault adobe photoshop that crashes all the time. Half the stuff had to be cut-and-pasted in paintbox...

There's actually a proper version of this done by Bernie Fishnotes somewhere.

And I like this one for the expressions if nought else.

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