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FFS, Gabriel Chase - November 07

That time again, sport's fans...

16 November 2007; written by Stephen Moffatt; BBC Wales
So far so good...

A second cameo specially produced for the Children in Need telethon (third if you count The Five Doctors),
Fourth if you count Pudsey Cutaway, but the Discerning Fan clearly missed that...

featuring the latest actor to assume the role meeting one from the original series.
Surely the first, since the others were all part of the original series? Honestly, GC, get your bigotry right!

David Tennant played his part very tongue-in-cheek, resembling at times an adult Harry Potter (or a slimmed-down Joe Pasquale)
This is the first time you've actually WATCHED him, isn't it?

Cause Davo was in it and despite "everything to do with RTD being an abomination" you HAD to tune in, didn't you?

I knew it. I bloody knew it. You haven't seen a single frame of it until now! And cause you're so discerning, you haven't even gone to any kind of official website to check your facts. But one sniff of your 'discerning' canon, and you tune in like a bitch on heat - I bet you didn't pledge any money, either.

So, are you actually going to watch the OTHER three series? No? You'll just keep slagging the show off based on some tenth-hand gossip? Fair enough...

, whilst Peter Davison resurrected his incarnation and appeared faintly embarrassed at having to do so.
Yes. Sure. His complete enthusiasm for the role, which he notes ON CAMERA with WITNESSES means nothing. The fact Davo appeared COMPLETELY embarrassed when JNT wanted him to appear in character, or pretend to be James Bond, surely means that he finds the new regime an improvement.

Unlike the 1993 special, Time Crash featured no action, no special guests and no outdoor filming and was nothing more than an extravagent link between the conclusion of Series Three and the subsequent Christmas special.
Fuck me sideways! JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE!

Oh, wait, you didn't see that one, did you?

Still, disgusting, isn't it, all that withholding cash for needy children? That the only action was a two Doctor dialogue, no special guests except Peter Davison, and was filmed on the TARDIS set instead of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

And it fitted into continuity.


One slightly disconcerting thought is the fact that Davison, the youngest of the original Doctors, is now older than William Hartnell was when Doctor Who first started.
Slightly disconcerting?


You think time doesn't pass for him or something? Hartnell was 55 when he joined up and as many can tell you, the schedule HE put up with would have killed most of his successors, even if they were only 31 like Davo.

Still, at least you didn't mention Verity Lambert dying in shame at this installment... oh, wait, that's because you can barely update your site. The cracks are still beginning to show, as they have been since Eccleston left. You're like that housewife who said "Doctor Who is running out of steam" while Marco Polo was on and said the exact same thing every week until 1978 when you died from lung cancer.

Except, tragically, you're still with us.

Oh well. Back to B7: Deciet...

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