Sunday, December 6, 2015

Notes From A Looney

Yes lads, he's back. Obviously playing all-night diamond digger isn't enough for Sadly Tadako who is cunning trying to get me fired from a job I lost two years ago.

I've decided I'm going to make it my mission to see Ewen put in jail for his creepy cyberstalking behaviour, where hopefully he'll say the wrong thing to one of his fellow inmates and end up dead.

Uh-huh. That radiates soundness of mind, doesn't it? Still, given his combined insanity and lack of work ethic, I shouldn't be in any real danger until the next Mayan Apocalypse.

It's scary ignorant and behind the times police and law enforcement still are about the life-wrecking severity of cyberstalking. Stalkers see in their victim all their own inadequacy and loathing reflected back at them and are fixated with destroying that someone's life over it. And that's Ewen.

What I love is his level of self-awareness and open-mindedness. Note - number of facebook hate pages and spam emails sent by me to former employees is zero. That's stalking, that is.

I'd like feedback on this draft I've written to Ewen's former employees at Hepatitis NSW

Do you? Do you really?

Dear Sir

Ironically it's not a man in charge of HR, but still...

This complaint concerns one of your former volunteers at your Surrey Hill Hepatitis Center at 414 Elizabeth Street, New South Wales by the name of Ewen Campion-Clarke (email address ).

Actually it was on Albion Street when I worked there. These details matter.

I have had many unpleasant experiences online with this individual who has proven to be a compulsive liar and a mentally unhinged obsessive who has been waging a campaign of harassment, cyberstalking and slander against me for years, devoting pages of his blog to me, and following me from forum to forum under various aliases.

Oh good, I was worried you'd sound like some ranting paranoid. You know, you're pretty much insulting everyone there with the implication that wouldn't have noticed that. Anyone who's met me in real life will know the one thing I don't do is hide my true nature, or as Jared Hansen once put it "He's like Steve Foxx, but not homicidal".

But I was unaware until recently that he had worked in medical within your company,

Hah! No, I ran the mailroom and drew some cartoons. I had absolutely nothing to do with medical, and indeed Hep NSW is an information service. They don't have anything to do with medicine, there are no medical records. They post newsletters. Oh, Christ this is hilarious. This is like the guy in the first episode of Press Gang who things Ronald Regan's Star Wars program involved the Millennium Falcon!

 and this particularly worries me given that some time ago he made a blogpost concerning his relationship with what I assume was one of your service users.

Wrong. Completely wrong. Wrong to the point this letter is actually improving my reputation over the writer's because he probably thinks I'm Welsh because I live in New South Wales.

A nine year old girl who was suffering from a urine tract infection at the time.

A) Urine tract infections have nothing to do with Hepatitis and B) she wasn't nine and C) for someone horrified at this outrage of privacy, he does like shouting it to the rooftops.

This is his blog page:

To misquote Ade Edmonsen: "Bugger me, a fact from real life!"

The blog post he made concerning this girl is one he has since deleted after I threatened to expose him over it (it was publically visible online from the dates October 25th 2014 to February 28th 2015), but I saved a Word copy of the blog post and I enclose it as an attachment so you can see for yourself the seriousness of its content. In this blog he describes his inappropriate level of attachment and fond interest towards this girl and speculations on the cause of her condition.

Yes... well, being her honarary uncle and good friends with three generations of her family will generate a "fond interest", I suppose. But the thing is, if I'm an unhinged madman, why the hell does he think I'm telling the truth anyway?

Not only does he describe her medical status, which I'm sure you'll agree is a breach of patient confidentiality in itself, 

but he even goes so far to make inflammatory speculations that the cause might be concerned with abuse and basically slanders and accuses her current guardians of child molestation, without concrete evidence and to a readership that would include his local community.

Ironically inflaming the passions of someone on the other side of the planet.

This is a breach of medical confidentiality and ethics and demonstration of worrying obsessiveness concerning his patients that I think you'll agree warrants serious investigation and him being struck off from ever working in medical again.

Meh, like I can stand the sight of blood after my accident...

JESUS CHRIST does this drippy fucked up wanker ever stop fucking Whining!? I mean how much petulance and self-pity about shite no-one gives a single crap about can you fit into such a small piece of prose?

It's a valid point.

And it just goes ON AND ON. Wah! Wah! If only the doctors had given up on him there and then, we'd all be better off.

Yes, but then what would you do with your life without anyone to try and have murdered?

Your malaise reminds me of Lady Gaga!


Yours Faithfully
Sgnlzr Bnnjrnm

And a Merry Christmas to all of you at home!!!

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