Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Fucker Stole My Wallet (2015)

Yeah, pretty much sums it up.

I mean, couldn't they have just nicked the money? Maybe the credit card? Did they really have to steal my student card, birth certificate, a lovely note from my cousin... I mean, I was asleep in the bed next to it so you think they might have had some kind of empathic connection.

Just goes to show that you can try to be helpful to strangers, kind to the poor and even donate cash to keep some English guy and his cat with a roof over his head but KARMA DOESN'T FUCKING WORK.

On that note, I shall begin my long-awaited decline into alcoholism, insanity and death.

If it's good enough for 80% of Game of Thrones characters, it's good enough for me.


Matthew Blanchette said...

...posting here to ask, is everything okay? :-(

Youth of Australia said...

Could be better, but not terrible.

I've got the "alocholism" bit down to a fine art, I have!