Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Winds of Change...

Well, it certainly has been an intense week. Poor Finn from Glee finally escaped the atrocious plot and story arcs they only way he could; Big Finish have revealed they're going to regenerate Romana into Drusilla from Buffy; the epoch-makingly awful Song for 50 has been revealed and is single-handedly making people consider not tuning in to the next episode if that godawful noise pollution (which actually features a choir singing "Happy Birthday" at points) might be invovled; Mr. Kelly from Hey Dad is up on sexual assault charges, but you have to hand it to the bloke that he's facing this with so much reasonableness and dignity he might actually be innocent; the Royal baby is already missing deadlines and frustrating proles before it's out of the birth canal; and the Oh That Chatham quarantine section has been shut down forever following the revelations that sparacus is NOT some wierd bloke with a Rickett obsession but quite possibly the greatest internet troll that mankind has unwittingly produced. So, the last eight years haven't QUITE been for nothing.

So, the forefront of my mind is
a) poor Corey from Glee, now no doubt facing judgment over the "grilled Chesus" debacle
b) that The Massacre really, properly sucks.

If only I could somehow combine these in some kind of pseudosatirical multimedia format...

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