Sunday, November 4, 2012

RIP |Dr| [K{eir}y]Ron(ald) Ma(l)le[tt]

One more thing... Yeah, it's one more thing...One more thing to put in line, one more thing to waste my time,
One more thing that I can't take, one more thing and I'm going to break!
One more thing...

Yes, my poignant friends, I am afraid that the ancient and worshipful blogspot maturityofaustralia, AKA Kyron's Blog of the Specifically Relevent (can you see what he did there, children?) has ceased to exist. The blog is no more, it has ceased to be, we blunk and we mussed it. After the Silver Smurfer (sheesh...) was forced to curtail his public involvement when his seminal work Everyone Under 40 Is A Wanker Plus I Fuck My Wife Like All The Time! was brutally and vindictively edited by unknown, dark and mysterious forces it seems that entire repository of wisdom, kindness and spiritual enlightenment has been erased forever. Oh, the tragedy. Frankenstorm Sandy was as nothing to this intellectual carnage! Now where can we go to learn basic truths like "shit retail service is the norm", "it is all Generation Y's fault" or "Dave Restal is the Fucking DEVIL!!!" any more?

Hold me. I... I tremble.

So, quick round up.

- my cousin Amanda now has different lungs and a heart bypass operation yet she isn't even twenty. How is that fair?

- Beth "Not Actually Kate Tollinger" Chalmers was in the last episode of Miranda and fled the room when she accused her GP of being a Time Lord. Coincidence?

- Speaking of which, I've listened to UNIT: Dominion and have come to the conclusion that Big Finish has absolutely no clue about its own continuity any more, or at least they have no idea what happened in Season (spit!) Twenty-Seven. That aside, it was pretty damn cool and a full-fisted effort to do a NuWho story with the Seventh Doctor. The RTD-take on the Master was fun too. "Hello you!" IS actually quite creepy after a while...

- Red Dwarf X has been freaking excellent, with even its weakest and most derivative greatest hit episode (that's Entangled, btw) wiping the floor of several other series and I bet you can guess the ones I am referring to.

- Having completed the musical history of Blake's 7 Season D, I am now working on Season C. So, if you've ever wanted to see Moloch singing along to DAAS Kapital, Dayna playing a harp with Seal, Avon skipping along in the Crazy World of Arthur Brown then... what the hell is wrong with you? The last/next installment was enough for Chris Hale and his child bride to disown me for crying out loud! I wonder where they are now?

- Meh. Redfern Now was basically just The Street set in Australia. OK, it might be brain-shatteringly awesome drama but seriously, the format is not exactly novel. And is it the best thing ever? After only one episode? It's a freaking anthology series, dammit! The rest might be crap and, on past form, the only common factor will be a taxi driven by the Womp appearing in every episode.

- I wish spammers would leave Jared's blog alone. I mean, it's annoying to be informed via email that instead of some devastatingly witty deconstruction of The Angels Take Manhattan, it's some other autobot saying the blog is very nice. And on that note, I found Hex's depature (which came out the same week) vastly moving. I cannot think of another companion who got such a perfect finale scene, balancing pathos and comedy. Basically, imagine if Andrew Beeblebrox had perished in Earthshock instead of Adric and you'll get an idea of how dementedly awesome that twist is.

- How young can you get prostate cancer? I ask because I am terrified.

- Who the hell is Mad Larry Miles going on about in his latest post? Apparently he has a horrifying fear that the next Star Wars movie will be written by... well, he doesn't say. But who is he worried about? Moffat, Chibnall, even Gatiss aren't exactly in the running for the Jediverse, are they? It'd be like me panicking that sparacus is going to write Sherlock. What?!?

You need more? Get in line? Too many things grabbing my time!


Miles Reid said...

He was probably too busy giving his wife one in order to write blogs about how Generation Y were responsible for the Holocaust.

Youth of Australia said...



Just odd that he deleted what he HAD written, leaving the world a poorer place.

Anonymous said...

Or he simply had made his point didn't want his name publicly associated in any way with a little turd burger like yourself?

Feel very free to delete.

Youth of Australia said...

I love it when you talk dirty.

You should put that up on your new blog, it's a saying that defines your generous, friendly and logical persona.

Oh, and I expect you're going to reedit your wikipage to remove all trace of me from it - cause at the moment it looks like you're having a tiff with your invisible friend.

Anonymous said...

You are a very slow learner:

Its never coming down. Only the fan audio DW community will find it. You can't do anything about it.

Now back to slagging off the new series of Doctor Who...

Youth of Australia said...

You are a very slow learner:
Or you're a very bad teacher. Ever consider that?

Its never coming down. Only the fan audio DW community will find it. You can't do anything about it.
Yes I can. I can put up my own entry, disputing your self-congratulatory reactionary drivel. I mean, it worked for YOU...

Now back to slagging off the new series of Doctor Who...
Impressive, considering it isn't out yet. No doubt you've honed those psychic abilities while insulting retail staff and banging your wife.

Oh, and thanks for sympathy for my cousin Amanda. It's good to know you can put aside your ingrained prejudice when another human being is suffering.

It's why I like you so much.

You always forgive and forget.