Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Return of the Nigel

Idly looking through the backlog of material on the computer, it twigged to me I could easily finish huge chunks of Rise of the Big N. So...

Act 1 - Way to Go
Act 2 - The Price We Pay
Act 3 - Speak and Destroy
Act 4 - Change the Channel
Act 5 - The Eighth Wonder of the World
Act 6 - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Act 7 - Calling All Lovers
Act 8 - Don't You Wanna Feel?
Act 9 - Voodoo Child
Act 10 - I Never Liked You...

We join the story in the dying days of 2001. The twin towers have fallen, the war on terror has begun, and Nigel's had his virginity broken and lost his heart. Well, SOMETHING along those lines...

NOTE: The following installment with its sex scenes, violence and very poor set-up gags rates a clear scale 3 on the Bidmead Meter. (You put Chris Bidmead in a chair and show him the most infantile, imaginative, unscientific crap you can. If his head explodes, you might have gone a wee bit too far.)

You have been warned...

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Matthew Blanchette said...

So... what exactly is the Bidmead Meter? :-/