Saturday, January 12, 2008

One day

I was born in the early hours of February the 4th, 1985. What happened that day?

According to wikipedia:

Not much.

Some guy named Bug Hall was born, an American actor.

But on that day in history....

Liberace dies! Pamela Franklin born! ALICE COOPER born! Shri Lanka Independence Day! World Cancer Day (very appropriate, since my mother suffered from it)! The Roman empire fell into turmoil, then suffered religious tolerance, the Song Dynasty began, 47 samurai kill themselves, the UK withdraws from America, George Washington is elected, slavery is abolished by the French Republic, Germany blockades the UK, Japan invades China, radioactive waste discovered, Yasser Arafat got promoted, Patty Hearst is kidnapped, an earthquake slaughters Guatemalians, Venezuala suffers a bloody coup, Milwaukee freezes, two helicopters explode when they accidentally crash into each other, another earthquake in Afghanistan kills over 5000 locals, Bill Gates gets a cream pie in the face, the NYPD shoot down some unarmed African guy who was just passing, and 88 are killed in a Manila stampede.



Well, general mixture of soul crushing tragedy and side splitting hilarity. My life in a nutshell.

Worst of all, worst of all...

The only Doctor Who episode shown on that day was The Underwater Menace part 4!


Oh, ones I nearly missed:

The Daleks part 7
The Romans part 4
The Massacre part 1
The Web of Fear part 1
The Seeds of Death part 2
The Silurians part 2
The Mind of Evil part 2
The Curse of Peladon part 1
Carnival of Monsters part 2
Invasion of the Dinosaurs part 4
The Ark in Space part 2
The Seeds of Doom part 2
Robots of Death part 2
The Armageddon Factor part 1
Shada part 5 (which is fair, I guess)
The Keeper of Traken part 2
Kinda part 1
Mawdryn Undead part 1
Frontios part 4
Mark of the Rani part 1

B7: Seek-Locate-Destroy
B7: Pressure Point
RD: Duct Soup

Oh wait, the first part of Invasion of Time was on my birthday. And the next three Torchwood novels (must buy) are out on the same day. And The Harvest of Kairos.

So. Not a total loss then.

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