Saturday, July 7, 2007

B7 introduction

Yes, your esteemed blog author has struck the big time... just without any cash rewards. Yes, a script has been written and accepted for the Blake's 7 Sequel Project, ideally an antidote to the serious and stead work of the main project author, Neil Blisset. After all, the B7SP has been remastered into the far superior Blake's Legacy and then into the rather baffling and shortlived Blake's Progress.

So... what happened between my definitive script and Avon facing down the Iron Guard?

So, Series Five....

5.1 Recovery
At the last moment, the Scorpio crew are teleported to safety by Orac to a reconstituted Liberator run by Jenna Stannis and Nij Blake, the long lost son of our very dead main character. Dayna's dead, too, by the by. Using Nij's ship, the Sevener, Avon arranges a two pronged attack that regains Orac, kills Arlen and causes more than a fare share of exposition.

5.2 Origins and Answers
Avon demands the truth, and Nij explains how he escaped a slaughter on Signus II with his ship Sevener, found the ruins of the Liberator and triggered its reconstruction. Then he met up with Jenna and the next thing you know, the first episode. Avon agrees to let Nij be leader on the grounds they finish fixing the Liberator before attacking the Federation.

5.3 Freedom
In order to get some crystals to fix the Liberator's neutron blasters, the crew head to Freedom City to get them, but unfortunately Krantor is not happy and traps Avon and Vila, getting them to face the Klute again. However, it turns out the Klute is a robot so Orac takes it over, and they win another ten million bucks. They kill poor Toise and take the cash...

5.4 Crystals
Just as Avon and Tarrant are on the Sevener with the crystals, about to dock with the Liberator, Commander Kreel (that loser from Hostage) attacks. After a space battle, everyone escapes. The end.

5.5 Resistance
Avon arranges a new alliance of non-alligned worlds and rebels on the neutral territory of the Liberator. Unfortunately, all the parties attempt to steal the Liberator and the crew have to kill all their potential allies.

5.6 The Missile Trap
After a run in with Kreel, Blake takes the initiative and heads for Agro 34 to steal a new batch of ultra powerful missiles, a new technology. Unfortunately, it's a trap and Servalan is waiting...

5.7 Revelations
Servalan reveals Nij is her son, the offspring of a one night stand with clone Blake. Nevertheless, Nij Blake still has loyalties to Avon and the others. They escape with the missiles, and Avon becomes leader again.

5.8 The Mutoid Affair
Blake is left on a quarry planet to find himself. Instead he finds himself trapped in a cave with a brain damaged Mutoid. Who Kreel then stabs to death. Blake swears to destroy the Federation.

5.9 Finding the Pieces
In order to wipe out the Mutoid Modification Plants, Blake needs to get the Sevener working and so sets out with Soolin to soup up the ship and get a teleport. However, Blake is captured.

5.10 Partners
In the first episode to lack Vila, and the second to lack Avon, Soolin and Servalan team up to bust Blake out of jail. Not trust, no treachery.

5.11 The Final Modification
Does what it says on the tin. The reunited Liberator crew wipe out the factories and no more mutoids will ever be made again. Surely this is a happy ending?

5.12 The Calm Before The Storm
In the obligatory 'alien life' episode, Vila encounters an energy leach from another dimension. This wrecks the mild holiday everyone else was trying to enjoy.

5.13 A Meeting With Destiny
The Elite Service Division is put under Kreel's command and he goes to that nameless planet to get hold of IMIPAK, and kills clone Blake while he's at it. The Liberator crew arrives and a massive battle starts between the rebels and the ESD. Kreel and Servalan escape with their lives, but Jenna is not so lucky. As the crew wipe out the ESD with a missile and try to find a doctor to cure Jenna, Tarrant uses Orac to reveal Sleer's real identity.

Series Six...

6.1 To Save A Friend
Blake contacts Rela Kyben and gets her to operate on Jenna, to no avail and Jenna dies. After escaping a Federation ambush, the crew head off, not realizing Servalan is now being forced to work for President Anders.

6.2 Walking in Fear and Memories
An extra-dimensional being forces the Liberator crew to live their nightmares and innermost fear.

6.3 Showdown
The crew discover that to make up for the lack of mutoids, the Federation has introduced new legislation which means anyone who helps/does not resist rebels will be executed, as will their families. Servalan storms the Liberator with her troops and tries one last bid for freedom. Vila throws her out an airlock. She's definitely, no returns, dead.

6.4 Kyben
The new legislation means poor Kyben will be killed if the Liberator crew don't rescue her. They manage it, but Kyben loses an eye and her family.

6.5 Unknown
Avon takes the Liberator and Orac on a secret mission while the others take the Sevener - they need a new crystal to work the missiles and to do that they need to get a crystal from a planet of superstitious nutters with a love of blonde bimbo handmaidens. The crew enlist a girl called Jain to do it, but she's not the only one hiding things...

6.6 Choices
Having worked out some of Jain's secrets, Blake has the scheme goes ahead, though briefly considers letting Jain die for it to work.

6.7 Take a Breath
The crew visit an isolated Federation colony, only to fall foul of the ruler. Jain is killed and the rest of the crew narrowly escape back to the Liberator to find Avon is dead! No return, defintely dead! Blake knows what it is, but refuses to discuss it.

6.8 Operation Quantum Force
The reduced crew agree to help the Federation stop a mad scientist and a doomsday cult from wiping out the entire created universe.

and that's where we are...

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